Posted on September 9, 2021

Verified Hate: Expiration Date Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 9, 2021

I will save the celebrations of the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue in Richmond for another article. This is just the standard contempt for whites that circulates on Twitter.

An actress:

A few years ago, I read an obscure book called Men, Art, War. In one story, after a revolution against a horrible system, people called actors and actresses from the old regime “mouthpieces.” It was a slur. People knew that journalists and entertainers had defended the old system. They were morally responsible for what it did.

It was just a story.

At least this is an admission that it’s all indoctrination. Considering the sad state of higher education, it’s probably better to save your money. You’ll get a better education reading the Western Canon than from getting a degree from an Affirmative Action U.

In the future, there will have to be an alternative to college degrees for identifying desirable workers. We’re very close to the point where a liberal arts degree is a liability. Who needs workers trained to invent racial and sexual grievances?

Do you think that complaints about “white supremacy” will stop once we’re reduced to a minority? Guess again, white man.

White supremacy persists even when whites are gone.

I thought this was a joke, but it’s not.

The Globalist American Empire really was painting images of George Floyd in Kabul.

A pro-black account posts the following, featuring James Baldwin:

Yes, we are a global minority. That is why we must ensure our survival.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed a law that Republicans say will protect election integrity. Poll watchers will have more power to point out violations. There will be no more drive-through voting. It also, in the words of the New York Times, makes it harder to “assist voters who need help, such as with translations.” If people who can’t speak English are voting, the restrictions don’t go far enough.

The CEO of the NAACP tweeted:

White supremacy can mean anything these days.

A transgender socialist, “Contrapoints,” is in trouble for knowing about the work of Helmut Schoeck, who wrote about envy. If you’re not watching far-left YouTubers, it’s not important, but it shows that on the left, knowing about certain people or citing them favorably is a moral failing.

Another interesting exchange from leftist YouTube. Apparently, slaughtering whites is a topic for debate.

Some delicately nuanced opinions of Critical Race Theory:

Critical Race Theory should be taught in school. Whites should learn that those in power oppress them and that they must fight back. Those promoting CRT don’t understand that they are part of the ruling system, not rebels against some mythical pro-white Establishment. They’re on Twitter; we’re banned.

A progressive says the quiet part out loud:

A reminder: Even if you are a self-hating white who talks about “decolonialism,” you won’t get any credit.

It’s worth reading. White leftists can grovel all they want; it won’t do them any good.

Finally, a refreshingly direct insult.

Clearly, it’s whites’ fault that South Africa is such a mess.