Posted on September 12, 2019

National Review Defends Transgender Socialist

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 12, 2019

Media govern. Like any ruling class, they always want more power, and this means eliminating competitors. The term they use is “deradicalization.” This doesn’t mean rejecting extremism — white leftists have become unapologetically radical in recent years. It means driving people out of the Dissident Right through carrot and stick.

There are many sticks: deplatforming, demonetizing, police surveillance, hit pieces from major publications, antifa attacks, and biased law enforcement. The carrots includes grants for leftist “deradicalization” programs, and swooning media coverage for “reformed racists” and “anti-fascist” internet personalities.

Our arguments cannot be refuted in a free debate, so our rulers have set up something like a Chinese-style Social Credit System. Almost no white advocates can use crowdfunding sites, payment processors, or PayPal. At least one site even lost its URL and had to wander in the dark web before it returned. So many white advocates have been banned from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that if anyone still has a platform, we get articles like CNN’s “Prominent white supremacists are still on YouTube in wake of ban.”

When CNN writes, “The company [YouTube] has long faced criticism for letting misinformation, conspiracy theories and extremist views spread on its platform,” it leaves out who is criticizing and who defines “misinformation, conspiracy theories, and extremist views.” The Left will not be satisfied until we are all silenced.

Meanwhile, Chapo Trap House — a self-styled “dirtbag left” podcast, can raise nearly $140,000 a month. Patreon socialists will never face opposition from banks or Big Tech. The Trump Administration has done almost nothing about this double standard.

The corporate media doesn’t just purge. They boost ideological pets with articles such as:

Bans are not enough. The media try to make stars out of propagandists who are trying to counter the dissidents who can still reach the public.

Natalie Wynn, a transgender socialist who goes by the name “Contrapoints,” reportedly tries to make rightists “reveal their puritanism and their phobias” and take away the “edgy, rebellious, punk-rock” spirit rightists are supposedly trying to promote. “She makes enough money for YouTube to be her only job,” says Vice journalist Elle Reeve. “She’s in the top 20 creators on Patreon, a site where fans can give monthly donations to artists.”

Miss Reeve doesn’t realize that Contrapoints’ platform access and media support make our points for us. In the Current Year, nothing is more Establishment than a transgender lefty with profitable YouTube and Patreon accounts, gushed over by the mainstream media.

James Allsup also had YouTube as his only job. He had half a million subscribers, despite relentlessly hostile media coverage and far fewer resources. His account, along with others such as VDARE TV, was banned two weeks ago (VDARE’s was restored). The same publications promoting Contrapoints cheered these bans of “hateful content” — more proof that their mascots cannot refute the dissident right. Needless to say, National Review and other Conservatism Inc. organs were silent about these bans.

Contrapoints recently got in trouble with the “hyperwoke.” She noted that the requirements for gender-fluid pronouns can sometimes be “super f***ing hard” for “semi-passable transes like me.”

Natalie “Contrapoints” Wynn

This led to an angry debate about the transgender etiquette. Contrapoints was the reactionary, accused of insensitivity towards “non-binary people.”

The esoterica of this debate are not worth exploring. It’s theological, with vague, metaphysical claims about “othering” and victimhood. Eventually, Natalie Wynn gave up the fight and deleted her Contrapoints Twitter account.

This, National Review found deeply regrettable. Madeleine Kearns called Contrapoints’ videos “entertaining and thought-provoking, if also a little creepy and weird.” She credited Contrapoints with “characteristic self-reflection, nuance, and irony.” As for the Twitter exchange: “[T]he Twitter mob rose up in fury and, summoning all its wrath, did smite Contrapoints!”

But it didn’t. Contrapoints voluntarily took herself off Twitter. This is a choice not permitted to American Renaissance and Jared Taylor. We aren’t allowed on at all. The Contrapoints YouTube account is still up. James Allsup is still down.

Miss Kearns of National Review worries that “as a social media influencer depending on the approval of progressives, Miss Wynn’s position is far more precarious [than that of Miss Kearns.]” Really? Contrapoints is less likely to be deplatformed than National Review.

Natalie Wynn faces no institutional obstacles. Her fellow transgenders got mad at her and America’s conservative standard-bearer leapt to her defense. White advocates and right-wing YouTubers have no problems attracting an audience, but they can be deplatformed at any moment, can’t process credit cards, can’t raise money online, and if the media notice them at all it is only to slam them. National Review clearly doesn’t care.

In the “marketplace of ideas,” the white Republican base would rally to nationalist populism if it had that option. National Review wants to deny them that option. No one should be surprised when it defends a sex-switching lefty but urges “war” against white advocates.

Conservatism Inc. and Contrapoints both defend an anti-white status quo. They have more in common with each other than they do with us.