Posted on October 11, 2020

Understanding Blacks

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, October 11, 2020

If you tell a leftist about racial differences in average IQ, he will say the tests are pseudo-science, and that the testing is done by racists. If you tell a leftist about racial differences in school performance, he’ll say America’s school system is racist and that black schools are underfunded, dooming blacks to poverty. If you show a leftist who commits crime, he’ll say the real problems are poverty, racist cops, and racist judges.

There is no statistic a leftist can’t dismiss with a line about poverty, racism, or both. I have never met a leftist genuinely interested in finding out the truth. For many, just questioning their convictions is proof of bigotry.

Leftists often ignore statistics when they argue that something is true. If they want more welfare, they tell sad stories about poor people. If they want gun control, they tell heartbreaking stories about innocent victims.

Using anecdotes is not intellectually rigorous, but it’s effective: “One death is a tragedy; a million deaths are a statistic.” American Renaissance has always believed in sober presentation of facts, but our latest collection of essays takes a different approach.

A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa is not about facts and figures or scientific theory. It is heartfelt. I would not be surprised if readers shed a tear by the end of George Holiday’s “How Blacks Changed Our School.” Four black authors describe how they came to be race realists, and there is poignancy in their difficult path to dissidence. Several powerful essays are on the plight of whites in Africa. What does this mean for the black future that may be in store for our planet?


Leftists ignore statistics, but “deconstructing” a particular murder is harder than deconstructing murder rates. I would love to hear a Black Lives Matter activist explain why whites should draw no conclusions from Heinrich B. Zaayman’s heartbreaking “Boxy Lays Down His Life.”

A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa shows what whites can expect from black dominance in a country, school, housing complex — or even a ship at sea. This portrait is not painted with percentages, tests, or FBI reports. Leftists must answer for all this.

I know of no better book to give to normies. Science and philosophy don’t change many minds, but this book will make an impression on anyone. White advocates ask: “What can I do for our cause?” Get this book into the hands of as many people as you can. Every story shakes the foundations of egalitarian, anti-white orthodoxy.