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Report from Saint Petersburg


Jared Taylor’s account of the Russian Conservative Forum.


Project is called CODE2040 for the year whites become a minority.

Economist does a special report on Hispanics in the US.

Interactive map lets you see the rate for your state.

Immigration Is No Fix for an Aging Society, Center for Immigration Studies

Fertility of immigrants declining faster than that of natives.

Ferguson: The Big Picture


Paul Kersey explains what Ferguson means for whites.


Official Census Bureau Projection for 2060


Whites will be just 43.6 percent of the population.


“Diversifying” is the polite word for turning non-white.

“Over the long term . . . this country just becomes more and more of a hodgepodge of folks.”

There are 46 million fully-assimilated Germans in America.

They want their share of the ethnic pie.

Four million people born abroad will vote in Britain’s May elections.

Developing countries will soon be emitting the most green-house gases.

White Brits are already a minority in London’s capital.

Twenty-four percent of Japanese women find sex “bothersome.”

Immigration is breaking America up into perpetually warring factions.

The Coming College Decline, National Journal

We are failing to “respond to the profound demographic change reshaping society.”

Demographic change will make it hard for the GOP to win the presidency in 2016.

EU 2014: “The average number of children per woman was about 1.6.”

The US Hispanic population has risen 592 percent since 1970.

There will be twice as many Hispanics as blacks.

The “diversity explosion” will “reinvigorate the country.”

Whites are aging and not having children.

Muhammad is now the top name for boys in Britain.

Will There Be a Resurgence of White Political Power?


We may have one last chance.


Northern Virginia is turning brown–your neighborhood is next.

Progressive whites are pricing out the diversity they claim to value.

61 percent of Americans think the country is more divided than it was four years ago.

Co-founder of Britain’s Migration Watch is honored.

And 49 percent of Americans think the country will be “better off.”

“Blacks and Latinos targeted each other with disturbing consistency.”

Transvestite heralds the decline of white norms.

65 percent of elected officials are white men.

It’s a six-acre brown face.

Truth in comedy.

“Purpose” may distract from demographic peril.

Whites are advancing in Detroit, but blacks are being left behind.

We now have more than 40 million foreign-born living in the US.

One in ten working-age adults in the US cannot speak proficient English.

African countries don’t get “demographic dividends.”

Germany welcoming immigrants to make up for falling birth rates.

One Austin, Muchas Comunidades, Austin American-Statesman

Mexicans to outnumber whites in state capital by 2038.

In 2012, only 16 percent of high school seniors believed “most people can be trusted.”

They went from majority white to majority black in the last 20 years.

Liberals are moving to conservative areas and taking their politics with them.

South Korea has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world: 1.4 children per woman.

The number of white public-school students has dropped 15 percent since 1997.

Poverty increases along with number of blacks.

And warns that a wave of “brown power” is coming.

“Even as the population becomes more diverse, schools are becoming more racially divided.”