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“Be funny,” “make eye contact,” but importantly, “don’t touch.”

National Review: Demographics aren’t as bad as they seem because some non-whites identify as white.

Said the drug dealers have names like “D-Money, Smoothie, and Shifty.”

Modern Eurasians kept the best genes from Neanderthals.

Site is advertised with a huge billboard.

Race in Brazil, Part II


The complex dynamic of race in Brazil today.


Race in Brazil, Part I


How Brazil became such a complex racial mixture.


Black woman doesn’t think dating sites should let users filter by race.

White pornography actresses often get paid 40 percent more for scenes with blacks.

Says Trump’s immigration plan might “create friction” with Mexico.

White supremacy “has to be acknowledged–and dealt with–constantly.”

Everyone is biased.

An analysis of a new term for spineless “conservatives.”

58 percent of white-Asian adults think being multi-racial is an advantage.

Case involves miscegenation, trans-racial adoption, and a low-IQ thug.

Homo Sap and Neanderthal were interbreeding for at least 10,000 years.

Don’t worry. Some non-whites are actually part white!

New study finds multiracial population is higher than the Census Bureau reports.

Many Japanese think that someone who is half-black cannot be Japanese.

Our Biased Brains, New York Times

Nicholas Kristof says only black Americans don’t have in-group bias.

Many Japanese don’t think a half-black person can represent Japan.

Black college graduates are much more likely than whites to “marry down.”

Al Cardenas: “He’s totally bilingual and bicultural in every sense.”

“If people say they are Japanese, that’s enough to make them Japanese in my opinion.”

It may have happened less than 8,000 years ago.

Charles Murray is now on the diversity bandwagon.

“To many Indians, the idea of a mixed-race couple is alien, repulsive even.”

Some think a “hafu” shouldn’t represent Japan.

“That didn’t concern me as much as had he been completely white.”

These Paints Can Teach Us a Lot About Labeling


Color categories are obsolete.


Black man kills his white wife after an argument.

Match Made in Heaven?


Is this the most eligible black bachelor in America?


State senator complains that he isn’t fully black.

55,000-year-old skull found in Israel resembles those of the first inhabitants of Europe.

Her black boyfriend had black women attack her.

American with less than 28 percent black ancestry say they are white.

White women who marry blacks are three times as likely to divorce as those who marry whites.

Murder of interracial couple was made to look like a hate crime.

36,000-year-old genome gives up its secrets.

“Marry out; stay out.”

Black man seems to have tortured and killed his girlfriend’s daughter.

Allows scientists to estimate Neanderthals and H. Sapiens interbred about 60,000 years ago.

But conservatives are more likely to have mostly friends who share their views.

French film that fights “racist stereotypes” is still too hot for Americans.

White lesbian mistakenly gets black sperm. Sues sperm bank.

The lesbian couple is undergoing counseling.

Maps portray racial mixtures of blacks, whites, and Hispanics by state.

Black activists urge black actress to apologize to police.

Her child’s father beat her with a bat, then shot her in the head.

The heroes are a mixed-race couple.