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The defendants’ relatives laughed in court as the beating was described.

Detroit teenager charged with “ethnic intimidation” in beating of white driver.

Grand jury says four attempted murders were racially motivated.

Three attackers charged, a fourth is in custody.

He tried to blame white “racists” for her death.

The FBI may just be making its ties less obvious.

She didn’t unplug her surveillance cameras in time.

SPLC no longer listed on FBI website as a “partner.”

But a day-long “teach-in” on “bias incidents” will still take place.

Somehow the 13th Amendment justifies federal “hate crimes” legislation.

Half the students in Texas public schools are Hispanic.

Police still think he filed the “hate” report in good faith.

Changing times mean new kinds of hoaxes.

For once it doesn’t seem to be a hoax.

The NAACP is certain: “It’s a racial hate crime.”

They feel less welcome.

Government has long used SPLC as a “resource.”

Not likely.

All his victims were white women.

The frame-up of George Zimmerman tops the list.

White man wanted to see if attack would be nationally televised.

CNS News prods FBI on its ties to SPLC.

The rest of a football team’s season was cancelled because of what was probably a hoax.

Whites are charged with misdemeanor “hate crimes.”

One perp was a member of the school’s “Bias Incident Response Team.”

A Meaningless “Hate Crimes” Report


DOJ report for 2012 is utterly unreliable.


54.6 percent of offenders were “white” and 23.3 percent were black. Hispanics not broken out as perpetrators.

But MSM still tiptoe around the race angle.

Duke lacrosse hoaxer will finally do hard time.

All were suspended and one is now in jail.

“Get those crackers! Get that white whore!”

Says “Sharpton was never really held accountable for what he did.”

“You took that white bitch’s phone?”

They talked to the perpetrators.

Incident started with “a racial comment.”

The Sikh man once wrote an op-ed saying white racism is a big danger to Sikhs.

June shooting is only now in the news.

Anatomy of a “random” black-on-white murder.

Blacks drove up and yelled “F*** Mexicans!” before shooting.

It may actually be called a hate crime.

The perp called him a “cracker” before the pummeling.

A new wrinkle on the “sympathy vote.”

And used it for “strengthening the emphasis on diversity.”

Campus authorities seemingly knew it was all a hoax, but said nothing.

Hard times for the hate crime hoaxer.

She’s being made to pay $627 a month on the $430,000 she owes.

Baptist minister painted racial slurs on the sides of the house.

Attempt to blame “racists” failed.

Police spokesman Araz Alali claims “There is no pattern in these types of crimes.”

“Racist” white woman was actually a Martin supporter.