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Asian man wrote that Europe should stay white.

Just wanted to attack someone who wasn’t black.

School hasn’t revealed the student’s race.

Someone scrawled graffiti in a bathroom, so classes are cancelled.

“Anti-racism” rallies were for nothing.

He’s upset that feds didn’t prosecute George Zimmerman.

They wrote “Willenhall is black so fuck off.”

More Muslim violence.

Muslim claimed a white man threatened her.

Hispanic gang member stabbed two blacks.

Employers would be warned not to hire “haters.”

Police Union president: “In this case, it was completely racially motivated.”

It’s not their kind of hate crime.

Race hustlers never let the truth ruin a chance to cry “racism!”

Police suspected a hate crime, but the vandal is Muslim.

Conservative site has tried to catalog and characterize every single one.

She claimed blacks attacked her and said it’s because she’s white.

“You’re Bosnian. I should just kill you now.”

Justice for Michael Brown?

He wanted to show the issues he cares about are real.

It appears the attack may have been racially motivated.

Student was stabbed repeatedly “because she was a white female.”

Immigrants are only 1.8 percent of the population.

Murder of interracial couple was made to look like a hate crime.

“Blacks and Latinos targeted each other with disturbing consistency.”

Whites suspend judgment until after the investigation.

Our money is it’s a hoax.

Black activists urge black actress to apologize to police.

Local news salivates until the truth comes out.

Two black women barged into the apartment, demanding whites leave.

Perp was, of course, black.

First racial provocation of the school year.

It was Muslim, anti-Christian graffiti.

Suspect in a series of attacks started with “Hey, white boy.”

Police chief says, “This does not appear to be a hate crime.”

Attacker: “All white people suck. F— white people.”

Blacks just must not be reporting hate crimes against them.

Man who shouted slur may face charges of criminal mischief and harassment.

Police commander: “This is definitely a racial, religious, ethnic incident.”

If he gets a job, he will be let out for his shift.

“Ethnic intimidation” charges dropped as part of a plea deal.

British Muslims also didn’t like the fact that they were black.

13-year-old black girl shouts “cracker” as she attacks.

Cincinnati TV news does an in-depth segment on black mob violence.

He says three Detroit blacks beat him and used racial slurs.

His lawyer says she made up the attack to “keep her name in the spotlight.”

Local news: Blacks yelled racial slurs and shot a white man.

Another “anonymous note.”

Senator wants the government to stop the Internet from “encouraging hate crimes.”

He said three whites attacked him and called him an “Islamic terrorist.”