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Twitter recruits SJW groups to help police speech.

News must be “to Ms. Merkel’s liking.”

No more comments at The Guardian on articles about race, immigration, or Islam.

Police also ask people to take down dissident social media pages.

They’re charged with founding a criminal organization and incitement.

Geert Wilders addresses Brits’ proposed Trump ban.

NGOs will help censor content in the “Initiative for Civil Courage Online.”

Mosque closed after Paris attacks will remain shuttered.

South African website shuts down comments section because too many were “racist.”

Google, Facebook, and Twitter to increase censorship in Germany.

500,000 people signed a digital petition to ban the Republican frontrunner.

Casual comments lead to criminal charges.

Those who study biology and crime are accused of “racist scholarship.”

They say “The Slants” can keep their “offensive” trademark.

A majority or Yalies reportedly were willing to abolish it.

Germany has been twisting the arms of social media executives.

Another student was expelled.

Muslims then claim to be the victims.

On some Eskimo stories, the CBC deletes over 50 percent of comments.

No free speech in Britain.

Compared with just 12 percent of the Silent Generation.

Smartphones and computers were confiscated from 10 buildings.

They will ensure offending students are punished.

British Home Secretary “personally directed” the ban.

Dozens of groups call for the government to censor speech on campuses.

51 percent of college students oppose free speech.

She overwhelmed her accusers.

Newspaper wants Facebook comments prosecuted.

“Far-right” groups will also be targeted.

Speakers would be “potentially in breach of safe space policy.”

Band wants to register its name: The Slants.

He allegedly referred to foreigners as “livestock,” “junk,” and “scum.”

Facebook cooperating to clamp down on free speech.

A Field Guide to SJWs


Who they are and how to beat them.


Five years ago, Marine Le Pen compared Muslim street prayer to Nazi occupation.

German Justice Minister is behind the push.

Justice minister: There should be no tolerance for users who “preach xenophobia and racism.”

No “tolerance” for dissidents.

Reddit can’t handle talk about race.

He said the “hoodrat criminals” in Baltimore need to be exiled.

200,000 people have signed a petition to have her fired as a columnist.

He may have used the gun in the attack on the Islam cartoon contest.

Colleges coddle students rather than educate them.

A 5-4 defeat for free speech.

National Review: No free speech for racists.

Transit authority is banning all issue-oriented ads.

They didn’t like his views on homosexual marriage.

Black man was a convert to Islam.

ISIS may have encouraged the attack via Twitter.

Of course, the SPLC thinks she is a hate-monger.