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After pressure from SPLC.

She was tired of the racial double standard.

He said his party would wants “fewer Moroccans” in the Netherlands.

Times asks readers to imagine a society where you must lie at every turn.

Efforts to stifle free speech failed.

University students think they have a right not to be offended.

Their tolerance does not extend to diversity of opinion.

Billboard companies are being pressured to reject the ad.

Students even want to censor discussions of censorship.

Disparate impact would no doubt make such a law illegal.

He criticized Islam, so Muslims are upset.

Foreign Policy reports on the Budapest conference.

Report from Budapest (Updated)


A full report on the “forbidden” NPI conference.


Balanced coverage from the BBC.

Lefty journalist stands up for free speech.

American embassy stops just short of applauding Richard Spencer’s arrest.

Organizers insist the show will go on.

Including those they consider “neo-Nazis.”

Jared Taylor is scheduled to speak.

Protesters thought anti-racist show was racist and closed it down.

The Unfree Speech Movement, Wall Street Journal

The Berkeley “free speech” movement was always a charade.

It might offend foreigners.

YouTube says the video violates its terms of service.

There had been bad blood between white and Hispanic students.

Organization finds 58 percent of public universities violate First Amendment.

Lone dissenter says it’s “painful and lonely” being a strict constitutionalist.

It will “detect hate speech and subversive propaganda, and assist in the preservation of open debate.”

It’s still illegal in Australia to “offend” someone by talking about race.

Says their brains are not mature enough to handle free speech.

Talk-show star, fired from Opie and Anthony, will start a new show and concentrate on race.

The state will appeal.

Hispanic prof: Online comments about illegals are like burning a cross.

Hundreds of colleges still censor student speech.

He was discussing the use of offensive words.

America in 2034


To the catacombs–for now.


America in 2034


“The Narrative” will hold firm.


Threats of death and physical violence for people who want to hold a conference.

The head of the school’s Marxist Society proposed the successful ban.

Each English Defense League protest costs police £500,000.

Jokes between a black student and a white student created a “hostile and discriminatory environment.”

Senator wants the government to stop the Internet from “encouraging hate crimes.”

He does not have the right to be a “bigot in the security of his own home.”

The flyer asks if viewers prefer “mainstream Canadians” or Sikhs.

This is a criminal act in England.

His speech was “postponed” because some of his work might upset non-whites.

“. . . officials’ concerns of racial violence outweighed students’ freedom of expression rights.”

Harvard senior thinks “academic freedom” should be abandoned in favor of “academic justice.”

Google won’t serve ads on pages that mention “black mobs.”

The party remains the third most popular in Greece.

We must act now to put a stop to “emotional harm” and “mental trauma.”