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“. . . officials’ concerns of racial violence outweighed students’ freedom of expression rights.”

Harvard senior thinks “academic freedom” should be abandoned in favor of “academic justice.”

Google won’t serve ads on pages that mention “black mobs.”

The party remains the third most popular in Greece.

We must act now to put a stop to “emotional harm” and “mental trauma.”

The Hour of Decision


Oswald Spengler’s last great book.

Review by Jon Harrison Sims

Would also study “hate” on cell phones.

You Can’t Say That Here!


The campaign against free speech on campus.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

A list of our era’s Galileos.

An detailed account of the case.

His company posted a billboard that read “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.”

Statistics and Other Taboos, Wall Street Journal

Liberals want to limit the “conversations” about race in comments sections.

White musicians were “appropriating black music.”

He said “My PC takes so long to shut down I’ve decided to call it Nelson Mandela.”

Australia wants to uphold the “sacred principle of free speech.”

New South Wales to beef up its anti-”hate” laws, because current law has produced no convictions.

Compares black justice minister to a monkey.

Fascism and the Open Campus, Brown Daily Herald

Brown professor thinks mob rule is the wrong response to “fascism.”

Weisenthal Center doesn’t like Twitter’s hands-off policy.

A mere accusation of wrondoing would be enough to suspend funding.

Ruling parties declare Greece’s third most popular party a “criminal gang.”

Party leaders remain defiant.

Democratically-elected politicians are being charged with “forming a criminal gang.”

It will ban “racist hate speech.”

His “crime” appears to have been associating with American patriots.

Education can eliminate “racism.”

“Citizen” and “brown bag” may hurt feelings.

Why Are Europeans More Racially Aware?


History and national character explain a lot.


New laws would violate freedom of speech.

US-based company bows to French speech laws.

He paid to advertise it on Facebook, but the company still banned it.

End of the road for British woman who spoke her mind about minorities.

Censorship, American Style


If you can get private companies to do it, who needs the government?


Islam critic Robert Spencer is not welcome.

European Parliament legal committee votes to strip her of immunity.

Community members won’t be silenced.

She may be prosecuted for comparing Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation.

They say too many criminals in this reality-TV program are black.

Wonders whether the article is like shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

Is Democracy Possible in America?


Alain de Benoist would say no.

Review by Jared Taylor

Speech that arises “in a moral context or within a public policy debate does not cleanse it of its harmful effect.”

Are the British authorities afraid to enforce their own laws?

Moroccan-born French minister wants to clamp down on free speech.

. . . and one student who dared stand up to it.

They leave more room for speech others consider offensive.

From the man who called George Bush “the greatest tyrant in the world.”

“Fascism of good intentions.”

The same guy who thought Guam would capsize after a troop buildup.

Censorship by Race, American Thinker

Blacks must not be criticized.

President Zuma is no fan of the free press.