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British Pakis: 3 percent of births; 30 percent of genetic disease.

Radical Muslim had a British security clearance.

If they had not been let in there would be no problem.

Says the church is “enormously enriched by those who come here.”

He lives in a free, million-dollar house and gets $75,000 a year in handouts.

Poland, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, and US in the top 10 sending countries.

Authorities were worried it would influence the 2010 General Election.

People naturally segregate.

She has had to “struggle” to succeed.

The Union held an event about reparations that’s been accused of “racism.”

Police will release their “self-declared ethnicity” after they are booked.

641,000 immigrants came to Britain last year–under half were from the EU.

Standard pattern repeats itself.

More than a third have returned to Britain.

British Home Secretary says “that will thwart the trade.”

AR Conference Videos, Part II


Sam Dickson, Konstantins Pupurs, Matt Tait, “The Great Debate,” and “Remembering Sam Francis.”


Muslims posed as policemen to steal old folks’ money for ISIS.

Redacted 125-page report strongly suggests more Muslim sex grooming.

There is a “constant undercurrent of anti-western, anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment.”

Labour leader says “Islamophobia” should be an “aggravated crime.”

Many whites joined the demonstration to keep Brixton black.

He says if boat people aren’t turned back, “millions” will flood into Europe.

Black lawyers have filed the charge.

2015 AmRen Conference: Best Ever


A record turnout for an invigorating weekend.


British Muslims and non-Muslims see the world differently.

“These were just two ordinary Yorkshire lads . . . .”

Democracy is just a temporary tool for eventual Muslim power.

They’re suspected of trying to join Muslim militants.

55 percent of voters think there is a “fundamental clash” between British values and Islam.

He wants net immigration of 30,000.

British students have started a campaign called “Why Is My Curriculum White?”

57 percent of blacks and 60 percent of Asians want immigration reduced.

Party proposes a five-year ban on unskilled immigration.

Even though there is a station just for Asians.

He described Lee Rigby’s killer as “a legend.”

The British remain sons of the soil.

British Home Office minister says a quarter of births in UK are to foreign mothers.

Parties use moderate messages to increase their appeal.

Former chair of Commission for Racial Equality blasts Britain’s “mealy-mouthed approach to race.”

It’s the first time a Muslim prayer service has taken place in a C of E church.

An attempt to make immigrants embrace “British values.”

Labour calls his comments “shocking.”

“The vile Muslim predators prey on vulnerable white girls precisely because they despise them so much.”

If author would only mentioned race, he would sound like American Renaissance.

He wants more “Commonwealth” immigration and less from Eastern Europe.

Famous TV personality is ashamed to be British.

But she did not report him.

Family is now pocketing about £40,000 a year.

Despite prime minister’s promise to cut to less than 100,000.

Police and social workers ignored the problem.