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“Chillin’ with my homie or what’s left of him.”

Black woman compares gentrification to black riots.

Most were cut before they came but last year there were 1,300 cases in Britain.

Immigrants bring their political methods to Britain.

EU thwarts national sovereignty.

British PM announces several reforms, including a “deport first, appeal later” policy.

30 frivolous cases in four years was too much even for the British.

He says company executives should give their own jobs to blacks.

Activists tell mosque to stop using separate entrances for men and women.

All Sharia courts need is a bit of oversight.

Non-whites must be promoted in order for films to get money from public fund.

Gives interview in a Yorkshire accent.

British Muslims also didn’t like the fact that they were black.

Younger Brits stick with their own kind.

Poor non-whites in Britain have a racial/cultural identity; poor whites do not.

Also says white working-class people are “scum.”

Conservative prime minister praises Islam.

“Our Parliament is still nowhere near representative enough of the country we live in today.”

MP says “there is nothing we can do because we are part of the EU.”

More than 500 “Britons” have joined the fight with ISIS.

British comedian says set-asides to develop acting talent in non-whites are not enough.

The video is titled “There is No Life Without Jihad.”

He says Islamic militants in Iraq are “planning to attack us here at home in the United Kingdom.”

Five hundred “Brits” may be fighting for ISIS.

Blacks “targeted” in the US as well.

Many Brits think immigrants are coming just for the handouts.

Englishman: “It will come to a point where blood will be spilled if things don’t improve.”

Muslims parents wanted their children to go to school with only Muslims.

British schools are marked down in they’re too white.

Columnist says Britain is fighting “barbarism and ignorance.”

A Weekend of Fellowship, Part 3


Talks by Adrian Davies and John Morgan.


Students to be sent on sleep over so they can mix with non-whites.

Education Secretary says his department will combat the “Islamification” of some schools.

Other countries are refusing to be displaced by immigrants.

Other messages included ‘racist scum’ and ‘Enfield Council loves an imigrant’ (sic).

Labor MP would rather import foreigners.

BNP spokesman: “It’s like the dark ages when people used to hunt witches.”

The head of the school’s Marxist Society proposed the successful ban.

Bangladeshis use novel techniques to maintain power in British borough.

Entire family works as models.

Neither wants to associate with anyone too “extreme.”

Are We All Racist Now?, Telegraph (London)

Author says “people’s legitimate concerns about immigration” is now “racism.”

A rise of 5 percent since 2001.

British Islamic charity promotes stoning for female adulterers.

“We need to unite, we must declare jihad.”

Each English Defense League protest costs police £500,000.

The European Elections


A promising shift to the Right.


David Cameron has broken a “solemn promise.”

Nationalists find inspiration in Russia, not the US.