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White Brits are already a minority in London’s capital.

Question was to be: Is the United States “institutionally racist”?

Says what no white mayor would dare to say.

Churchill on Islam, Churchill Centre

“No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

“Je suis Kouachi,” he says.

And is accused of exploiting the killings for political gain.

Al Qaeda wants to “cause large-scale loss of life.”

20,000 Brits have been investigated for online speech in the last three years.

Tradition is sacrificed for fear of Muslims.

“She was a white woman and he believed it was okay to behave in this way.”

Some customers want white, British cabbies only.

Doc: When constituents bring up immigration, keep “moving the conversation on.”

Another British institution that’s “frightened of appearing racist.”

That includes 800 murderers and 600 rapists.

She says it’s “a European invention, and white people go to it. It’s in their DNA.”

British Muslims chased a Sikh principal out of his job.

Muhammad is now the top name for boys in Britain.

Immigrants are only 1.8 percent of the population.

New crimes for a new era.

Victims were told prostitution is part of Somali “culture and tradition.”

UKIP is forcing him to the right on immigration.

Whether they are in the country legally or not.

Pirate in movie is thug in real life.

The school is 80 percent Bengali Muslim.

British police raised their internal threat level from “moderate” to “substantial.”

It lets Britain restrict benefits to immigrants.

Former prime minister says Brtain’s chances of leaving EU are “just under 50 percent.”

Gang of Asian “youths” stole his regimental beret and medals.

It’s supposed to ward off unwanted male attention.

Three hundred jihadis have returned to Britain from Syria and Iraq.

He was once jailed for saying homosexuals deserve the death penalty.

Muslims hoped to stab the Queen to death.

“Loathsome fascists” use effective marketing techniques.

Hand-picked Libyan cadets run wild in British village.

“Let us think big about what Britons of all backgrounds can achieve.”

Mayor of Calais blames Britain’s “attractive regime.”

Bangladeshi mayor spent public money “like a medieval monarch.”

There is no diplomatic immunity in this case.

Whistleblower says police arrested nine Muslim rapists, but ignored dozens more.

The 148-page report downplays the racial angle.

57 percent of Brits say its the most important issue facing the country.

Rescuing people from sinking boats only encourages more illegal immigration.

Defense minister says towns are “swamped” and “under siege.”

“It’s time to wage war on this phenomenon.”

Co-founder of Britain’s Migration Watch is honored.

Labor is squealing over ad that refers to sex-grooming scandal.

Two of its Pakistani drivers were part of the sex-grooming scandal.

. . . and the media are too timid to point it out.

French film that fights “racist stereotypes” is still too hot for Americans.

And non-Muslims will have to ride horses side saddle.