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Over 500 “Britons” have gone to fight in Syria.

Muslims who were fasting at exam time could get extra points.

First Asian to have a full-time job in British cabinet.

The pair had a child together.

Will British officials clamor for a narrowing of this “health gap”?

Ukip: “Government has virtually no control over our borders.”

“Some 1,328 former inmates have been fighting deportation for at least six years.”

Sheikh Yasser al-Habib’s sermons inflame tensions between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Even native English speakers must take lessons in English as a second language.

There are an estimated 66,000 victims of the procedure living in Britain.

Non-whites say the film “glamorizes” slavery.

The poem he read says “each man kills the thing he loves.”

Muslims have started “Operation Trojan Horse” to Islamicize British schools.

They take more in services than they pay in taxes.

They need money to heal their collective “psychological trauma.”

‘Rivers of Blood’


The legacy of Enoch Powell.


No place is safe.

A few non-PC jokes and the party is declared “racist.”

Are Tories as stupid as Republicans?

What comes with open borders.

So much for reducing immigration to “tens of thousands.”

“This is not the kind of community we want to leave to our children and grandchildren.”

Murderer’s mom says “I just don’t understand what all the fuss is about.”

During sentencing, one of the murderers yelled “You (Britain) and America will never be safe!”

In vino veritas.

Perp was sentenced to four years, but will probably serve only two.

Even Labour attacks Tory enforcement record.

Blacks beat up several whites on buses, but the judge says no jail since attacks were “out of character.”

324 criminal immigrants will stay in Britain because of a “right to private and family life.”

Douglas Murray: “I think it is right for people to have a place they call home.”

The Swiss lead the way for Britain.

Nationalist parties are on the march on the continent.

“The political system must now respond.”

They feel less welcome.

Killer’s friend posted YouTube videos calling the killing “brilliant.”

Muslims bring their customs to Britain.

A British analysis of what “right wing” means.

In more than 200 British schools, 90 percent of students don’t speak English at home.

Recruits from the US get the same treatment.

Claims he is a “soldier of Allah.”

. . . and no jobs.

A self-examination that would be unlikely in the US.

Particularly for non-whites.

And they have the most children.

A few people are waking up to the crisis.

. . . even if it’s bad economy.

MP: “Is anyone speaking up for the white working class?”

Claims he faces persecution in Afghanistan.

There will be a “London is You” recruitment drive with a focus on hiring non-whites.

Western Europe can expect a plague of Gypsies.