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And these are just the ones we know about.

Almost half were born in Britain.

Labour shadow chancellor welcomes the death of the West.

Straight talk about demographic replacement from a UK tabloid.

New York Times compares Trump to Enoch Powell.

Geert Wilders addresses Brits’ proposed Trump ban.

Piers Morgan blasts the “embarrassing farce.”

Non-whites much more likely to cheat than whites.

But they wouldn’t be allowed to live more than 14 days.

British children as young as four are being punished for “racism.”

The former leader of the EDL has launched the British arm of PEGIDA.

500,000 people signed a digital petition to ban the Republican frontrunner.

They wanted to commemorate the London bombings.

Is the US actually trying to improve security?

British home secretary does something useful.

Judge says the defendants were “insolent and disrespectful” throughout the proceedings.

Wages of unskilled and semiskilled workers are most affected.

Another 30,000 remain in the UK after being denied asylum.

Non-whites say it is “violence” to have to walk past his statue each day.

The poll asked which groups were prone to vice.

Muslim abuse has been going on for decades.

The migrants will outnumber the natives.

One officer says, “Islamification has and is occurring.”

55% of British-born women who had babies in 2014 were unmarried.

Brits don’t like nurses who speak bad English and give bad care.

Muslim attacker shouted, “Blood will be spilled.”

Muslims then claim to be the victims.

It’s the eight attack thwarted in Britain this year.

No free speech in Britain.

British charity has found and freed more than 70 slaves this year.

She was a virgin until a Muslim drug dealer raped her.

“The issue is what were they doing there in the first place?”

British Home Secretary “personally directed” the ban.

British paper suggests no reason for this increase.

Warns against “a tide of humanity surging through Europe and quite possibly changing it forever.”

Public rating is for all parties surveyed.

A baroness speaks out against Muslim practices.

British home secretary is also critical of police “stop and search.”

They used donated blankets and clothes to start the fires.

“Far-right” groups will also be targeted.

Black vs. Muslims on a London bus.

Good ideas. Will they become law?

Economic migrants would be sent home.

She’s accused of making a “racially motivated malicious communication.”

Some distant relative of the PM was a slave owner.

Not “handouts,” but a “joint programme of rehabilitation and renewal.”

In only a three-month period.

Surprising common sense from our British cousins.

Judge says Asian victims are hurt more that white victims.

Labour elected him to succeed Boris Johnson.