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British students have started a campaign called “Why Is My Curriculum White?”

57 percent of blacks and 60 percent of Asians want immigration reduced.

Party proposes a five-year ban on unskilled immigration.

Even though there is a station just for Asians.

He described Lee Rigby’s killer as “a legend.”

The British remain sons of the soil.

British Home Office minister says a quarter of births in UK are to foreign mothers.

Parties use moderate messages to increase their appeal.

Former chair of Commission for Racial Equality blasts Britain’s “mealy-mouthed approach to race.”

It’s the first time a Muslim prayer service has taken place in a C of E church.

An attempt to make immigrants embrace “British values.”

Labour calls his comments “shocking.”

“The vile Muslim predators prey on vulnerable white girls precisely because they despise them so much.”

If author would only mentioned race, he would sound like American Renaissance.

He wants more “Commonwealth” immigration and less from Eastern Europe.

Famous TV personality is ashamed to be British.

But she did not report him.

Family is now pocketing about £40,000 a year.

Despite prime minister’s promise to cut to less than 100,000.

Police and social workers ignored the problem.

Names of “dead white men” will be replaced with women’s rights activists and black academics.

Nigel Farage warns against mass immigration and multiculturalism at CPAC.

Documentary of immigrant neighborhood would “encourage social division and hostility.”

His family is rich and he graduated from the University of Westminster.

It’s actually one in four.

She “has a problem with Negroes.”

British Muslim: “Sharia law is on its way. On our streets we will implement it.”

They wrote “Willenhall is black so fuck off.”

Police also taking down 1,000 pages of Islamist Internet material every week.

Mohammed cartoons “sow the seeds of hatred.”

Employers would be warned not to hire “haters.”

Police say the case is bigger than the ones in Rochdale and Rotherham.

British MPs say “haters” should be banned from Facebook and Twitter.

Protesters chanted “Nazi scum!”

Protesters blocked the exit.

Race is being brushed under the carpet.

One social worker was told she was reporting too many cases.

Report said the council was guilty of “misplaced ‘political correctness.’ “

A second woman would supply healthy mitochondrial DNA.

British Muslims were told not voting for him was a sin.

Four million people born abroad will vote in Britain’s May elections.

White Brits are already a minority in London’s capital.

Question was to be: Is the United States “institutionally racist”?

Says what no white mayor would dare to say.

Churchill on Islam, Churchill Centre

“No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

“Je suis Kouachi,” he says.

And is accused of exploiting the killings for political gain.

Al Qaeda wants to “cause large-scale loss of life.”

20,000 Brits have been investigated for online speech in the last three years.

Tradition is sacrificed for fear of Muslims.