Posted on January 11, 2024

Scotland: Iraqi Immigrant Is Handed Lenient 4 Year Jail Sentence for Raping Teen Girl

Jack Hadfield, The Publica, January 9, 2024

An Iraqi immigrant who raped a 15-year-old girl in Glasgow Green park in Scotland has been handed a mere four year prison sentence.

Saif Alhilali, 22, who was born in Iraq, attacked the teenage girl in the park on March 5, 2021, and was found by the jury to have raped her when she was “highly intoxicated” and completely unable to give consent, during the trial last year.

On Monday, Alhilali appeared before Judge Douglas Brown at Glasgow High Court, who gave him the four year sentence, along with being placed indefinitely on the sex offenders register. “In relation to harm, rape can have a very significant and lasting effect on a victim,” Judge Brown said during sentencing. “This was a young girl who you had never previously met. She was highly intoxicated and you took advantage of the situation.”

His defence lawyer, Frances Connor, claimed before sentencing that Alhilali thought the victim was the “instigator” of the sexual contact, that she was not “so under the influence of drink,” and that she was older than she actually was. Connor also brought up that Alhilali’s immigration status would “likely” be affected as a result of the prosecution.