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July 18, 2016

NYT admits many “anti-immigration, populist parties” are “within the mainstream.”

Common sense in Australia.

Prime Minister: “Serbia must protect its national interests.”

July 15, 2016

Tunisian immigrant killed 84 people and injured 202 others.

FAIR says he has a mixed record on immigration.

Even in DC, white parents want it.

Nor have they found any evidence that he was attracted to men.

That’s not including chain migration of Syrian refugees’ family members.

The police are very lucky they didn’t shoot a black.

If he liked Thor’s hammer, it must mean he deserved to die.

No doubt they felt more comfortable that way.

Knockout game?

NYT lets rightists speak for themselves.

July 14, 2016

An estimated 30 people are dead and 100 others injured.

Ann Coulter points out the color of crime.

He says because blacks claim they’re being discriminated against, “we have to listen to that.”

He accuses Trump of stoking racial tensions.

VICE’s attempt to understand white consciousness.

It calls for a wall that “must cover the entirety of the southern border.”

Film celebrates the couple whose Supreme Court case overturned laws against mixed marriages.

NYT reports there might actually be genetic reasons.

$680 is just too much for them.

There were coordinated, early-morning raids to capture members of a private Facebook group.

Germany welcomed 2.1 million newcomers.

July 13, 2016

His name has become a talisman for white identity.

Sterling once resisted arrest while armed in a convenience store parking lot.

Mr. Obama needs to read “The Color of Crime.”

The “youths” planned to use eight guns stolen from a pawnshop.

Even 51 percent of blacks understand that.

He also says he’d make a better vice president than “total sellout cuck” Newt Gingrich.

Both #WhiteInventions and #WhitePrivilegeMeans were trending on Twitter this week.

Janitor’s “dignity” is more important than an 85-year-old stained glass window.

“Dear everyone who isn’t a middle or upper class white boy, I’m sorry. . . .”

Richard Spencer has been banned from Britain.

Adrian Davies on Post-Brexit Britain


Now that the dust has settled, what are the consequences of this historic vote?


July 12, 2016

The Times is surprised. We’re not.

His shirt read “fuck the police” on the front and “black lives matter” on the back.

If she doesn’t it could cost her the election.

“If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out.”

Poll suggests US may be the most brainwashed Western country.

A scandal mentioned five times in NYT cuts applications by 9 percent.

States don’t have to count all the income of illegals when calculating eligibility for handouts.

Virginia Tech claims these are just “guidelines,” not “mandates.”

He’s been in the US only two months.

Sample topics: “What it Means to be Black,” “The Infinite Mind of the Afrikan Child.”

She shocked Australia in the 1990s. Now she’s back in politics.

The basic platform for Pauline Hanson’s One Australia Party.

A possible result of 12,000 Syrian refugees.

July 11, 2016

AmRen Welcomes New Staff Member, American Renaissance

Chris Roberts will be Director of Special Projects.

The Irreplaceable Gregory Hood


The first volume of essays by a great dissident writer.