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August 19, 2016

Race is real when it explains false diagnoses for blacks.

White rappers now succeeding without support from blacks.

30-year veteran fired after one ill-tempered Facebook message.

An unprovoked attack outside the hotel for her treatment center.

He hit an 85-year-old man in the head and set him on fire.

A previous ban attempt failed because party officials who testified were actually government informants.

“Officers have not confirmed any motive . . . .”

August 18, 2016

On Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis, American Renaissance, and the alt-right.

Ben Shapiro goes hysterical in the Washington Post.

Jonah Goldberg thinks a nation is a territory, not a people.

National Review says whites have legitimate political interests.

It’s been standard since even before America’s founding.

Some profs think students are unqualified and that their complaints are exaggerated.

He’s presiding over the city’s consent decree.

All groups have ancestors from Africa; therefore, there are no differences between groups.

Americans were targeted.

New portraits will reflect Oxford’s “culture of inclusion, equality and tolerance.”

August 17, 2016

He takes aim at Black Lives Matter and says black areas need more policing, not less.

Breitbart’s Steve Bannon will be the chief executive of the Trump campaign.

65 percent of whites would support a hypothetical third party with a BNP-style platform.

CNN can’t handle the truth.

Racism is now seen not as a “systemic” issue but a personal affliction.

“Austria’s Donald Trump” is polling well for the October election.

The attack took place on Near Year’s Day.

Burkinis represent an “archaic vision” that’s “not compatible with the values of France.”

Muslim provocateur Anjem Choudary has finally been busted.

“Foreign men” have high crime rates in Norway.

August 16, 2016

Why Milwaukee Burns, City Journal

We are moving towards “a broader race war, in which only one side fights.”

Criminal was raising a gun loaded with 23 rounds.

Press pulled out journalists because they were in danger.

Black man stopped to help two blacks pull a car out of a ditch.

They “age more slowly at the molecular level.”

Distributor hesitates to send accused rapist on outreach to churches and campuses.

Vandy will pay $1.2 million for the right to remove the name.

Soros group says European refugee crisis is “the new normal.”

That was what the EU foolishly agreed to.

City will spend $2.2 million to criminalize “trolls” who “target individuals and communities.”

August 15, 2016

Black cop shoots armed black criminal. Blacks riot, set fires, and hold off fire trucks with gunfire.

It could be because officers are aware there is evidence justifying the shooting.

One-fourth of blacks say “most” of the content they see on social media relates to race.

Would-be immigrants will have to pass a test of “American” values.

Pandora’s Box, The Economist

Banning criminal-record checks makes employers more likely to discriminate against blacks.

Eight genes that predict IQ are related to lower fertility.

Black thug beats up Dylann Roof. This gets him out of jail.

They also plan to kill members of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Just a $10.00 donation to law firm that helps illegals gets you a break on parking tickets.

Fake police officers robbed four Olympians out to celebrate their victories.

August 14, 2016

Black Metal Ethno-Nationalism, AR Classic Article

Waging culture war.

Trump and the “Atmosphere of Hate”


How liberals might yet save democracy.


August 12, 2016

The wealth gap is expected to have doubled by the time whites become a minority.