Posted on October 22, 2021

Britain Needs Its Own Algerian Jew

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, October 22, 2021

If Europeans won’t save themselves, maybe someone else will.

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The big news in Britain this week was the assassination of Sir David Amess, a 69-year-old member of Parliament. He was meeting constituents at a Methodist church when one of them walked up and stabbed him to death. Ali Harbi Ali, age 25, was born in Britain of Somali parents.

The police are calling this Islamic terrorism, but aren’t sure why Mr. Ali wanted to kill Amess, who was a Catholic, opposed abortion, and was big on animal rights.

It could be that he just sliced up the first MP he could get his hands on. The killer’s father used to be a PR man for a Somali prime minister, but he’s one of those Africans who decided to clear out and live with white people when he got tired of his own country. That’s why his children were born in Britain.

We know one thing about young Ali. Under a law passed in 2003, people working in schools, hospitals, and local government are supposed to report on people they think are turning radical. Ali was referred to a counter-terrorism program called Channel in 2014, and went through months of training.

Eventually, “He was not thought to pose a threat of terrorist violence and the case was closed.”

The British Home Office claims that channeling has kept thousands of potential maniacs sane. It didn’t work with Ali.

Ali reminds me of another killer, Usman Kahn – another Muslim born in Britain, who didn’t become British. You can plant a carrot in the potato patch, but it’s still going to be a carrot. Here’s young Usman – British citizen – waving an ISIS flag.

His classmates told the authorities he was a frighteningly Islamic carrot but, as the Sun reports, “the whole racism thing was laid down to them.”

A couple of years later, he was nabbed and pleaded guilty to plotting to blow up the London Stock exchange, the houses of parliament, the US embassy, two synagogues, the home of London Mayor Boris Johnson, and to kill the Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Here he is with the others who pleaded guilty. He’s in the lower left corner. More carrots in the potato patch.

Khan got out of prison in just eight years because he went through rehab for Muslim fanatics and was declared cured. He was the star pupil. Well, as soon as he was out, he tracked down two of his teachers – both graduates of Cambridge, knifed them to death, and stabbed three more people before police shot him.

I guess deradicalization doesn’t always work. But if it ever does, and has really kept thousands of people from turning into Mohammed the Ripper, what does that say about Islam? We already know the answer. The central London attacks killed 52 people and injured 700.

The Manchester Arena bombing killed 22 and injured 139.

The London Bridge attack, in which three Muslims ran over people with a van, jumped out and started stabbing them, killed eight and wounded 48 . Lee Rigby of the Royal Fusiliers was killed in broad daylight by two Muslims who then tried to carve off his head.

Islam is poison to the West. Why does Britain, a white, Christian nation, even have a population that has to be monitored by the thousands for fear they will shout Allahu Akbar and start butchering infidels?

Norway and the Netherlands also have programs that try to talk Muslims out of doing exactly what the Koran tells them to do. Muslims have killed and wounded thousands of people in Europe. In just one attack in Paris in 2015, they slaughtered 130 people and injured 416. The reaction? Candles and flowers. That will show those nasty jihadis, won’t it?

What’s the body count in, say, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania? Zero. Why? They don’t let in Muslims. No Muslims, no Islamic terror. It’s that simple.

But people in the West must have a death wish. Here is the latest victim, Sir David Amess, standing in front of a sign that says, “The power of kindness,” holding another sign that says, “I believe every refugee matters.”

The church where he was killed now has a mountain of flowers in front of it.

Credit Image: © Joe Giddens/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

What an impressive demonstration of “the power of kindness” that only white people seem to believe in.

Credit Image: © Hesther Ng/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire

There is a banner hanging in the church where David Amess coughed out his life. It says “All are welcome here.”

Even Somali killers.

Now, of course, Britain has let in so many Muslims that London has a Muslim mayor: Sadiq Khan. And we know how he thinks.

Before Derek Chauvin was even tried, Mr. Khan was furious about the “brutal killing” of George Floyd. But he was “deeply saddened” when David Amess “passed away.”

Yeah, he just passed away. You don’t solve the problem by putting Muslims in charge, do you?

And now, the poor, deluded British are blaming the killing on social media. The Prime Minister is being “urged to enact a ‘David’s Law’ against social media abuse.

MP Mark Francois says David Amess was his best friend and mentor. He actually stood up in the House of Commons and said he wanted to: “drag Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to the bar of the house . . . if necessary kicking and screaming so they can look us all in the eye and account for their actions or rather their inactions”.

Those guys turned this Somali into a murderer? It’s not clear Ali Harbi Ali even used Facebook or Twitter. This isn’t the power of kindness. This is the power of insanity. Some terrible defect in white people prevents them from seeing what’s in front of their noses.

And so, if Europeans won’t save their own societies, maybe someone else will. Take France.  A French-born Algerian Jew named Eric Zemmour is considering running for president in next year’s elections. In polls, he has already pulled ahead of Marine Le pen, who was the nationalist immigration-control candidate in the last election in 2017. He thinks she’s too soft on immigrants. Mr. Zemmour understands that the problem isn’t just Islam, it’s anyone and anything that isn’t French.  The hard-left website Jacobin recently ran an article called “Zemmour is Winning Already, which starts like this: “French media is saturated with the fascist pundit Éric Zemmour and his absurd, racist talk of a ‘great replacement’ of France’s white population by immigrants.”

Well, yes, Mr. Zemmour *has noticed that whites are being replaced, and he thinks France and its people are worth keeping around. Where he fits in, I’m not quite sure, but he’s a serious contender to be president of France.

Meanwhile in Britain, if you include the various spellings for Mohammed, it’s the number-one name for baby boys.

As I said in an earlier video about the foolishness of the British ruling class, the country has a choice: Wake up or die.