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Common Sense on Immigration

July 21, 2019
Thomas Jackson reviews Mark Krikorian's "The New Case Against Immigration: Both Legal and Illegal."

The State of Hate

November 9, 2018
WaPo does a somewhat critical dive into the SPLC.

Hail Cesar!

March 26, 2018
Congress could make Chavez' birthday National Border Control Day.

Immigration Trump Card

August 17, 2015
Mark Krikorian says Donald Trump's plan "clearly advances the immigration debate."

Harvesting Illegals

April 8, 2005
The Ag-Jobs amnesty would be as fraud-ridden as the last one.

Between the Lines

November 5, 2004
Immigration expert believes Pres. Bush won only 31 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Splintered Plank

August 26, 2004
Republican party's platform on immigration doesn't use the term "illegal immigration."