White vs. Non-White, or Black vs. Non-Black?

Mark Krikorian, National Review, March 23, 2012

You can almost taste the disappointment and perplexity of reporters that the Trayvon Martin shooter, George Zimmerman, isn’t some caricature from Deliverance. The New York Times saw the need to describe his as “a white Hispanic,” a term which a Nexis search shows has only been used five times previously in the entire history of the paper. Robert VerBruggen noted here yesterday, “if a plain-vanilla white guy shot Zimmerman, he’d be considered just ‘Hispanic.’” But that’s an artifact of elite media prejudices and government race laws, not social reality.

That’s because the meaningful social divide in our country is—and always has been—not white/non-white but black/non-black. Everyone on the non-black side of that divide eventually becomes part of the majority population, starting with Quakers in New England (who, despite being English Protestants, were the wrong kind of English Protestants), then non-English Protestants, then northern European Catholics, then southern and eastern Europeans, then people of Middle Eastern origin (my cousin once owned a house in D.C. that had a restrictive covenant against Armenians, and now she’s an “Anglo”!), and, eventually, people of Latin and Asian ancestry.

The ultimate yardstick for this process is intermarriage, and Zimmerman exemplifies that. The fact that his father is what we today call “white” and his mother is Peruvian (though ethnically that could mean anything, since Peru is a “nation of immigrants” too) only became relevant in the context of the shooting—otherwise, it was irrelevant, except where our ridiculous race laws make it so (checking a box in a college admissions form, for instance). {snip}

It’s the black/non-black divide in our society that we must keep struggling to overcome, so that ethnicity loses its political saliency and becomes a purely voluntary matter, and ultimately becomes a matter simply of genealogy, with all of today’s Americans sharing the same great-grandchildren. But mass immigration interferes with that process, both by slowing intermarriage of recent immigrant groups and by introducing yet more groups that will climb over the backs of black Americans to enter the mainstream. {snip}


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  • ACE2X

     Note that the perpetually aggrieved blacks seek integration, not segregation; immigration, not
    emigration. This behavior contradicts their persecution claims. I often wonder, what anount of money would tempt them to accept a one-way ticket to the black-ruled land of their choice.  We couldn’t afford it.

    •  A ticket back to Africa? What, would they be able to swipe their EBT cards for AK ammo and bush meat? Blacks have the perfect system here. Traitors to Whites and non-Whites have threatened and duped White men into giving them a first class lifestyle in a first world nation for nothing on the part of blacks. You couldn’t get them out of White countries to return to Africa for a bribe of lifetime supplies of watermelon, fat White women and extra crispy. They’ll never have it as good as they have it in White countries ever.

      • ” They’ll never have it as good as they have it in White countries ever.”

        This is why I’m always following the violence of the Hispanics vs blacks phenomenon which is increasing on a daily basis. We see how blacks run out of their own neighborhood once it gets too Hispanic. As this continues, blacks, due to their borderline-retarded IQ level, still can’t, or won’t, connect the pieces to the puzzle which suggests White rule favors them. It’s going to be an uglier and uglier future for blacks (and Whites, as blacks come into White areas more as they run from the Hispanics). Sadly, this country is finished.

        • tickyul

          Borderline Retarded…………..MEH!!!!

    • JohnEngelman

      When blacks can afford to they move to white neighborhoods. They know they will be save there, and that their children will be safe in white schools. 

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         And that they will have ready made victims and their boys will likely drag home a white girl for them to initiate as a family.

    • Oh, YES WE COULD!

  • The_Bobster

    I just finished watching an episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. It had not one but two instances of miscegenation (ugly Hindu male/Canadian White girl and desperate oil driller/skinny Bantu model type). The second coupling didn’t work out because the “White” guy didn’t think he was good enough for her.

    The media masters must be chuckling. This crap is on all the sitcoms now and I don’t see any boycotts hurting their profits.

  • IstvanIN

    If indeed  it eventually all coms down to black vs, non-black, and in the end all the other categories do not really matter, then it says much, much more about blacks than it does about whites, Arabs, Hispanics, orientals, American Indians, etc..

    • Xanthippe2

      I would think Mother Nature/genetics has the most say.

  • Xanthippe2

    Speaking of  how ideal Asians are as immigrants and wives (and I am sure someone will) here is an interesting story:


    Almost no violent crime?  More media distoration.  Bet you haven’t heard this story if you are not from the Bay Area.  Hoping AR will correct this.

    Yes, he was probably involved in organazed crime and/or insane, but the fact is certain subclasses of Asians have a worse record in this regard than old fashioned American Whites.

    P.S. The immigration angle is too obvious to mention.

  • Old stuff. I’ve posted similar article a few times:

  • Anon12

     Why? You think the Chinese , Koreans and “other Asians” are “good”?  I don’t.

    • Xanthippe2

      I think different ethnic groups are different.  Who is “good” and “bad” while it can be an interesting discussion, is somewhat beside the point.  The main focus should be that mono-ethnic societies work best.

  • Yup. I’ve said many times on here, I can at least die in some peace knowing that the future for blacks will be a miserable one under Hispanic…and Asian (they’ll eventually surpass blacks in population too)…rule.
    I only wish I could live long enough to see the brunt of that, but the next 40+ years I hopefully still have left should provide enough of the transition to please me (please me to a point, of course, as this country will be still be screwed up in many ways thanks to the libs).
    Well, we are already getting an enjoyable front-row seat to the violence caused onto the blacks (by the Hispanics) in neighborhoods and high schools. I’m loving this (NOT a reference to McDonalds! ugg..) because I can see the “black community” starting to feel the effects of the demographic changing, with their mamas now crying “oh lawdy, oh lawdy, these brown folk dontz be likin us much!!!!!!!!!”

    • KenelmDigby

      You can bet your boots by that point blacks will be grovelling at the feet of the weakened and deracinated whitey begging for protection and inclusion.
        Furthermore, they’ll claim to be ‘whiter than whites’ since they arrived on the continent with the first settlers and ‘grew up together’ (at mammy’s teat, no less), with Whites.

      Sad to say, I don’t hold out much hope that the surviving Whites will reject these claims out of hand, and ‘set their faces like flint’ and walk the other way.

    • @ KenelmDigby, Yes, I’m surprised they’re not already groveling, especially in LA where they are getting booted out in record numbers. They should begging the Whites by stating that, as you referred to in a sense, they’re “American”.
      I can hear them now: “Oh lawdy! Pleez Mista Whitey, dez Hispanics are eleegullz. We blacks are American…as American as apull pie and black flash mobs….oops…Iz didin meen dat las part!!”

    • MikeofAges

       A friend of mine who is a wannbe futurist has postulated many things. One of them is that at some point, after the partial breakdown of our present situation, some blacks will voluntarily return the manor and plantation mode of life, but with a better and negotiated deal, with an end result more closely resembling European feudalism. That will make them belong to land, but also provide a right to be there. If this ever developed, and I don’t foresee it, there would have to be an individual right to leave as well, something European serfs did not have.

      He also envisioned the division of white society into two completely divided tiers. One would be a majority which lives much like people today. The other tier would be an underclass which would live in encampments outside of town and come in during the day to do the menial work. To complete the scenario he thought he need a euphemistic term for the underclass. I suggested “villagers”, which he thought fit just right.

      This guy, in general, feared and foresaw the development of a strict hereditary caste system. Maybe so, especially if technology stalls and declines. Or if it become so advanced that designer people can be created, each type fitted to a particular social destiny. The former, I see as possible. The latter, not. Modern forms of rebellion, if those doing the rebelling are truly serious about it, are too socially destructive. Rebellion has its own technology and playbook and that develops right along with new technologies of power. Who knew in 1945 that the ultimate weapon of war in succeeding era would a dark-skinned, five-foot teenager with an Automatic Kalishnikov?

  • “There may be some truth to this, there is a divide in America between black and everyone else.”

    Of course there is. Blacks don’t compare to any other group in my opinion.
    Example number one: FLASH MOBS!! 

    Blacks have made it a habit to attack all other non-black groups and will forever be hated by all. This also includes other groups which are not liked on this site: Hispanics and Asians. They attack Asians in schools (just as with Whites) and enjoy targeting robbing solo Mexican males who they know will most likely have cash on them after a hard-days WORK (blacks most hated word…..after White).
    ***For those who hate Hispanics, relax….I’m not saying they all work or that they all work hard (though many do from my observations).
    Just making a point that they often get paid off the books (cash) from working landscaping, construction, etc. and then get dropped off, left to walk home.
    Both makes them easy targets for those wonderful black folk.

  •  Huh ? The next news is, I guess, that Blacks are whiter than polar bears.

  • Love ? I doubt it, at least in 80-90%. And it’s not a jungle fever, but mental-emotional-moral collapse of White degenerate “higher” classes, not unlike French aristocracy prior to the French revolution.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Apparently, he wants a “one drop” you’re white definition when it is politically expedient.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     You went to see that movie?  Tell us, didn’t you find it silly?  Here is another “warrior queen” with a bow that can’t be more than 30lb draw, avenging her people or “making a difference.”  This is beyond moronic.  No wonder this country is in so much trouble.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    So what if he was, he was defending himself.  The other salient point is that THEY want him to be white or represent whites. He didn’t get the name Zimmerman from a Catholic priest in the 17 century, either.

  • MikeofAges

     Salvageable? Start at the southern border of Pennsylvania and draw a line across until you hit the Missouri River. Jog  down to the southern border of Kansas. Draw a line until you hit California. Take the Sierra and the Sierra Foothills, and everything north of the Golden Gate and Sacramento, and make up your mind to hold it. Find ways to peacefully encourage the people you don’t want there to peacefully leave. Or create an atmosphere that is so tendentiously European, Scandinavian, British and Celtic than no else one wants to stay. How do you do that? For one thing, through your own private decisions. What businesses you patronize and allow in your community through your zoning and permits. Pressure on public school boards regarding curriculum. What media outlets you patronize. And so on. And expect it to take time. Generations.

  • MikeofAges

     More like slowly absorbed. Blacks came into California as an adjunct to the white in-migration of the Twentieth Century. There will be no future replenishment from outside of either of these populations. White will decline due to low birthrate. Both black and white will decline due to out-migration. Once either of these leave California, they will never come back.