Posted on July 8, 2024

Sweden: Afghan Migrants Spared Prison After Being Convicted of Gang Raping a Vulnerable 13-Year-Old Girl

The Publica, July 5, 2024

Two Afghan migrants are facing light sentences after being convicted of raping a young girl and filming the assault. Irshad Ahmad and Elham Bahram will not face deportation from Sweden as the two were granted citizenship approximately four years ago.

The rape took place in February in the residential Nydala neighborhood of Malmö. Armed with a knife, the two migrants – both of whom were 16 years of age – coerced the girl to a hidden spot outdoors. While threatening to murder her if she resisted, the girl was raped by both of the predators.


During court proceedings, Irshad and Elham denied any wrongdoing, even when faced with the overwhelming evidence. One of them admitted to the sexual acts, but claimed that the girl was consenting. The other, however, attempted to deny his involvement completely while simultaneously arguing he didn’t know the girl’s age.

On July 2, the Malmö District Court convicted Irshad of aggravated rape against a child, offensive photography, child pornography, and additional assaults against two other girls. But, due to his young age, Irshad will not be sent to prison and will instead spend 10 months in youth residential care.

Elham was similarly convicted for the aggravated rape of a child and spared prison. He has been sentenced to 1 year of youth supervision, and the sentence will be carried out in the community.