Posted on July 8, 2024

Democrats Whip Against GOP’s Latest Election Crackdown

Andrew Solender, Axios, July 6, 2024

House Democratic leadership is bringing out the big guns against a Republican bill set to be voted on next week that would require proof of U.S. citizenship to vote in federal elections, Axios has learned.


State of play: The House is set to vote next week on the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act, or SAVE Act, which would require “documentary proof of United States citizenship” to vote in federal elections.

  • That could include a passport, a photo ID card that proves a voter was born in the U.S. or another form of photo ID along with supporting documentation such as a birth certificate, the bill says.
  • The legislation would require non-citizens to be removed from voter registration rolls, require election officials to ask voter registration applicants for proof of citizenship and open them up to legal consequences if they do not.

Driving the news: In a whip question — a roundup of the coming week’s votes with instructions for how leadership wants rank-and-file members to vote — House Minority Whip Katherine Clark’s (D-Mass.) office told House Democrats they are “urged to VOTE NO” on the bill.

  • That means that Democratic leadership will send its whip team to cajole colleagues into not supporting the legislation.
  • The bill, Clark’s office said, would “prevent Americans from registering to vote with their drivers’ license alone” and would make a passport the “only acceptable standalone form of identification.”
  • They added that the bill would create an “extreme burden for countless Americans” and further intimidate election officials and overburden states’ abilities to enroll new voters.”