Posted on June 21, 2024

20 Foreigners Beat German 14-Year-Old Boy in Viral Video in Eastern City of Gera

John Cody, Remix, June 20, 2024

In a shocking video, 20 foreigners were filmed beating a German 14-year-old boy in the city of Gera in the east of Germany.

The police say the attackers are of Afghan and Syrian origin, and they are currently being investigated for bodily harm, robbery, threats, and coercion, as well as failing to provide assistance to the victim and filming the act of violence. The perpetrators proudly released the footage on social media after the attack.

Bild newspaper, which reported on the incident, is facing criticism for downplaying it, writing: “Fortunately, the victim (German) was only slightly injured and suffered redness and swelling of the face due to the punches.”

In Bild’s video from Gera, the paper blurs the faces of the attackers. This is the same publication that actively worked to ruin the lives of some German youths who were singing: “Foreigners out, Germany for the Germans,” on the island of Sylt, while prominently featuring their faces to the entire country on the cover of Bild.

The issue of double standards is not far off, either. If eastern German White teens beat a racial minority in a mob attack involving 20 people on video, it would almost certainly illicit calls of racism from NGOs and top left-liberal politicians.

According to the police, the reason for the dispute was “past rivalries between different groups of people of different nationalities.” It is unclear what role the victim played in this dispute.

However, due to the ages of the perpetrators, who appear to be teens as well, they are unlikely to face any real legal consequences over the mob beating and torture captured on video.

Foreigners are increasingly responsible for violent crime in Germany, with 6 in 10 violent cases committed by this group, despite representing approximately 14 percent of the population. Data also shows that Germans are most often the victims of these attacks.

The shocking crime comes at a time when violence against children and adolescents is soaring in Germany. Police data shows violence against children increased to 12,377 cases in 2023, jumping 17 percent in one year. Non-German suspects rose 24.8 percent in this timeframe.

Following the results of the EU elections, which saw the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party become the second-largest party in the nation, to explain their popularity, Mayor of Tübingen Boris Palmer said young people are dealing with the consequences of mass immigration, which is making them turn to right-wing parties.

“They experience what irregular migration means on a daily basis,” Palmer, who formerly served with the Greens but has since become independent, wrote on Facebook.

“Above all, the young men who have arrived alone are changing the living environment of young people. In the park, in the club, on the street, on the bus, at the train station, in the schoolyard,” he added.

His points are reflected in the data made available from the education system. Teachers in Berlin, for instance, required police intervention in the school system five times a day in 2023, with police interventions rising dramatically.