Posted on March 30, 2023

Leftist Politician and Migrant ‘Mum of the Year’ Admits to Assaulting Ukrainian Woman

Peter Caddle, Breitbart, March 28, 2023

A migrant woman who had been declared “mum of the year” by a magazine in 2022 has admitted to assaulting a Ukrainian woman.

Ellie Kisyombe, a migrant woman who had previously run as an election candidate for Ireland’s left-wing Social Democrats, has reportedly admitted to assaulting a Ukrainian woman working in a migrant centre in 2019.


According to the report by the Irish Independent, Kisyombe has now admitted to assaulting mother-of-three Svitlana Voloshchuk while at a migrant reception centre in 2019.

The migrant rights activist is said to have assaulted Voloshchuk after a row with one of the Ukrainian woman’s colleagues over paper cups, with the attack resulting in the naturalised Irish citizen being forced to take three months off work to deal with mental trauma caused by the incident.

The former Social Democrat politician is said to have initially denied the assault, claiming that Voloshchuk had actually hit her first, though later examination of CCTV footage of the attack reportedly showed such an allegation to be “completely untrue”.