Posted on March 28, 2023

Finland’s Nationalist Party Eye Immigration Cuts If They Win Elections

Anne Kauranen, Reuters, March 23, 2023

Finland’s nationalist Finns Party will crack down on immigration if it wins a national election next month, its leader Riikka Purra said.

Top political parties, including the Finns, are neck-and-neck in polls ahead of the election on April 2.

In a poll published on Tuesday, the right-wing opposition National Coalition Party held a narrow lead among voters with 20.8%, while Purra’s Finns Party and Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Social Democrats shared second place, both at 19.3%.

“We want to heavily reduce immigration that is harmful for our country,” Purra told Reuters.

She defined harmfulness as the cost of immigration to Finnish taxpayers.

“The kind of immigration policy that Denmark has pursued for a while already and that Sweden wants to implement now under its new right-wing government is quite close to what the Finns Party wants to do in Finland,” she said.

She named immigration from developing countries “outside the EU” to be the kind that her party wants to cut.