Posted on February 9, 2023

Biden to Let Hundreds of Thousands More Migrants Into Us While Deporting Non-Mexicans to Mexico

Snejana Farberov, New York Post, February 9, 2023

President Biden is forging a deal with Mexico that would allow hundreds of thousands more migrants enter the US legally — and see non-Mexican illegals deported back to Mexico, a new report reveals.

With Biden getting walloped in recent polling — and lambasted over the issue of migrants flooding across the border — as the president is getting set to mount a 2024 reelection bid, his administration is racing to finalize the agreement with Mexico, according to four current and former US officials speaking to the Washington Post.

Under the new policy, for the first time the US would be able to fast-track the expulsion of arrivals from countries including Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua and Cuba who cross the border unlawfully to neighboring Mexico.

The deal that is in the works between the US and Mexico hinges on the Biden administration creating new legal pathways for migrants, and also expanding the existing parole process.

Illegal migrants would be arrested, locked up in immigration detention, deported to Mexico, barred from the US for five years and threatened with felony charges and jail time if they try to unlawfully cross the border again.

The move comes as Title 42 — the COVID-era public health measure that has allowed the Border Patrol to rapidly expel migrants who had entered the US illegally — is about to expire.

The emergency policy that was enacted under President Donald Trump was originally scheduled to end in December but was extended. {snip}

US immigration officials previously complained that the record numbers of illegal crossings over the past year were caused by the administration’s inability to return migrants to their home countries.