Posted on August 31, 2022

Border Patrol Agents Slam Karine Jean-Pierre’s ‘Ignorant’ Claim That Illegal Immigrants Not ‘Walking’ Across

Adam Shaw et al., Fox News, August 31, 2022

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s claim that illegal immigrants aren’t just “walking across” the southern border has sparked anger and shock from Border Patrol agents — who witness hundreds of migrants flooding across the border every single day.

“How out of touch can this administration possibly be?” one agent told Fox News. “Well, I guess this is a new level.”

Jean-Pierre was asked on Monday why migrants are allowed to illegally enter the U.S. without being vaccinated for COVID-19 but an unvaccinated foreign national traveling on a plane is not.

“Somebody unvaccinated comes over on a plane. You say that’s not OK. Somebody walks into Texas or Arizona unvaccinated, they’re allowed to stay? Why?” Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked at the White House press briefing.

“But that’s not how it works,” Jean-Pierre said.

“That’s what’s happening,” Doocy said. “I know that’s not what you guys want to happen. But that is what is happening.”

“But that’s not — it’s not like somebody walks over,” Jean-Pierre responded.

Jean-Pierre went on to outline what the administration had done in terms of the border, including more DHS funding and cooperation with other countries — contrasting it to what she said was the prior administration’s focus on building a wall.

“It is not that simple. It’s not just that people are walking across the border,” she said. “We have a plan in place.”


Agents were stunned by the remarks.

“There’s only two reasons she said that, and that is either she is extremely dumb or she is flat-out lying and hopes America is so stupid we would believe her,” one agent told Fox News Digital. “18 USC 1001 says it is a federal crime to knowingly make false statements to the U.S. government. Too bad the government is not held to the same standard as the citizenry, and that is assuming [Jean-Pierre] is not dumb but just a liar.”


The comments by agents come a day after National Border Patrol Council president Brandon Judd accused the administration of deflecting on the issue, and said it shows the White House does not care about the border crisis.

“They don’t care that hundreds of thousands of people are dying because of drug overdoses because of these illegal immigrants that are coming across the borders illegally, that the cartels then create the opportunities. They don’t care what is currently happening. {snip},” he said.