Posted on April 19, 2022

Black People Name Crime as a Major Problem While Dismissing Racism

Zachary Faria, Washington Examiner, April 18, 2022

Democrats and legacy media have tried to make racism the biggest issue in American life. An in-depth poll of black adults from the Pew Research Center shows the message just isn’t sticking.

Crime and violence, including drug activity, shootings, and theft, are the top issues black people say the communities they live in are facing. In total, 17% name crime as the most important issue, followed by economic issues (such as poverty, homelessness, and taxes) at 11% and housing at 7%. Racism, diversity, and culture are near the bottom of the list at 3%, right behind “no issues” at 4%.


Despite the full-on liberal embrace of Black Lives Matter in the summer of 2020, the frantic media coverage and the grandstanding by Democratic politicians and liberal activists have not reflected the reality. A Gallup poll from the summer of 2020 found that, at the peak of anti-police liberal sentiment, 61% of black people wanted the police presence in their neighborhood to stay the same. Another 20% wanted an increased police presence.