Posted on December 28, 2021

Macron Denies ‘Great Replacement’ But Admits Migrant Integration Failures

Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, December 17, 2021

French President Emmanuel Macron has denied the existence of the “Great Replacement” and claimed France is a country of immigrants, but has admitted migrant integration failures in recent decades.

The French president said he did not believe in the Great Replacement, a theory coined by writer Renaud Camus to describe the ongoing rapid demographic shifts taking place in Europe and elsewhere as elites in business and politics view human beings as interchangeable, replaceable things. The theory has become a major talking point in France in recent weeks.

“When we talk about these phenomena, it is better to first look at the figures,” President Macron told broadcaster Tf1 this week and added: “Since the end of the 19th century, we have been a nation of immigration, with part of that immigration having been integrated through work.”

“It has helped the growth of our country, to move forward. When I hear the nonsense of saying zero immigration… There has never been zero immigration, that is not true. […] I don’t believe in the Great Replacement. It’s not here,” the French president added.

Macron’s remarks were largely directed at opposition presidential candidate and conservative pundit and writer Eric Zemmour {snip}


Despite the French leader’s denial of the Great Replacement, the theory has caught the attention of many in France and a recent poll released in November claimed that as much as half of the French public believes in the theory.