Posted on October 21, 2021

Most Undergrads Have Encountered CRT in the Classroom, Survey Finds

Alex Nester, Washington Free Beacon, October 13, 2021

Most college students say they’ve encountered critical race theory in the classroom, according to a survey, contrary to progressive claims that the radical racial ideology is not taught in schools.

A national survey from Yale’s William F. Buckley Jr. Program found that 56 percent of undergraduates have learned critical race theory either in college or high school. The results, shared with the Washington Free Beacon, also show that 59 percent of those surveyed support teaching students that “America is founded on white supremacy and most laws and institutions in America today are inherently racist.”

Democratic politicians and teachers’ unions in recent months have tried to downplay parental concerns about critical race theory. But educators across the country make use of radical curricula. Public school officials in Loudoun County, Va., adopted a “culturally responsive framework” in June 2020 that asks teachers to update curriculum with lessons on identity and privilege. One third grade teacher in California asked students to identify themselves as privileged or oppressed.


Seventy-one percent of students said systemic racism remains a “big problem” and that “white people still contribute to it.” Sixty-six percent of those surveyed said white Americans should be “re-educated” about American history and “what it means to be actively anti-racist.” {snip}