Posted on March 17, 2021

Shooting at a Party in Chicago Leaves 13 People Wounded and 2 Dead

Kay Jones and Eric Levenson, CNN, March 14, 2021

Two people were killed and 13 others were wounded in a mass shooting at a party on Chicago’s South Side early Sunday morning, police said.

Several of those injured in the shooting are still in surgery, said Police Superintendent David Brown. He said four guns were seized at the building, a makeshift setup converted for a pop-up party. {snip}


Chicago, like many large US cities, has seen a sharp rise in gun violence and shooting incidents since the end of last spring’s Covid-19 related shutdowns. As of December 27, some of America’s largest cities saw dramatic increases in homicides, including Chicago (55%), New York (41%) and Los Angeles (30%), according to police data.

Compared to this point last year, murders in Chicago have increased 15% and shooting incidents are up 31% in 2021, according to the latest Chicago Police data. {snip}