Posted on February 8, 2021

US Ending Trump Asylum Deals with Three Central American Nations

Zack Budryk, The Hill, February 7, 2021

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Saturday that the U.S. will terminate asylum agreements the Trump administration entered into with three Central American nations.

Under the Trump-era policy, numerous asylum-seekers looking for refuge at the U.S.-Mexico border were required to first seek asylum in El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras.


The Trump administration reached the agreement in 2019 as part of its efforts to restrict immigration and reduce the number of refugees entering the U.S. It was never formally enacted between the U.S. and Honduras or El Salvador, according to the State Department {snip}


“To be clear, these actions do not mean that the U.S. border is open. While we are committed to expanding legal pathways for protection and opportunity here and in the region, the United States is a country with borders and laws that must be enforced,” Blinken said in the statement. {snip}