Posted on May 23, 2020

What’s Behind the Nursing Home Attack?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 23, 2020

The tweet was mysterious.

The President did not say what “this” was. His only clue was “nursing home.”

We knew, though, and I suspect everyone else knew. Mr. Trump was referring to the video of a black man beating an elderly white man in a nursing home. It spread rapidly on /pol and Twitter, along with questions like, “Why isn’t the media reporting this?”

Unlike the Ahmaud Arbery case in Georgia or the Dreasjon “Sean” Reed case in Indianapolis, there is no question about what is happening or who is in the right. The black attacker is filming himself beating a helpless man. It’s not even his only case. Another video appears to show him beating what may be a white woman.

When President Trump tweeted about the case, some verified account holders acted as if they didn’t know what he was talking about.

Maybe they really didn’t know.

The police have arrested a suspect. He was not an employee or an interloper but a resident. According to the man’s father, he has severe mental problems and was hearing voices. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 and, incredibly, moved to the nursing home after the diagnosis.

The New York Times had a short article about the attack but did not mention race. The New York Post, CNN, and Fox News did not mention race either, though they all showed the video or stills from it.

Several sources say the suspect is Jaydon Hayden, but the police have not officially confirmed this. He reportedly trains at a boxing gym, though the gym denies it. A YouTube account linked to the suspect includes several boxing clips. The way the attacker exhales with each punch is a boxing technique.

It’s reasonable to suspect that Mr. Hayden — if that’s who he is — attacked a white person for racial reasons. On the YouTube account, there are several videos in which the suspect complains about white people and America. In a video called the “Spirit of death is on America,” he talks about “racist police,” who wake up and decide to kill “ni**ers.” In a follow-up, he compares America to Egypt and says God has sent “the spirit of death” to punish America for its “wickedness.” The Daily Caller reported that “it appears the assault was racially motivated.” It gave no reason, but it is presumably referring to these videos.

Every institution in America is fighting white “racism,” dismantling “white privilege,” and unmasking “systemic racism.” Society is constantly telling blacks how much whites have oppressed them, and it would be no wonder if this young man had absorbed hatred for whites as part of this message.

However, in fairness, he is disturbed. His speech is rambling and incoherent, peppered with preposterous Biblical allusions and non sequiturs. Several videos claim that certain celebrities are transsexuals who are in on a secret plot. The suspect shuffles and mumbles, and talks like someone with dementia. You can watch the videos yourself.

There have been other cases of non-whites attacking helpless people in nursing homes.

  • In 2016, a Somali asylum seeker reportedly raped two elderly men in a German care home and murdered a woman.
  • In 2017, police charged Hakim Ogunkunle with intentionally breaking a 98-year-old Georgia woman’s leg. She died during emergency surgery.
  • Also in 2017, Jie Xiao was caught on camera taunting and then beating an 89-year-old man in a Canadian nursing home.

Some Asians put old relatives in segregated nursing homes, where they are likely to be more comfortable — and safer? Whites probably can’t do that. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued a company that let elderly patients express a preference for white staff.

Now that an arrest has been made, I suspect this case will fade from view. If there is any more coverage, it will be mainly about how the young man has mental problems, with no mention of race.

This outrage came to be publicly known only because the attacker made his own video, and apparently posted it himself. This, too, suggests mental illness. The attack was on May 15, but it took until May 21 to make an arrest. It is gratifying that there was at least enough outrage on social media to lead to an arrest and force the media to mention the case — even briefly.

But what does it mean for an aging white America in an increasingly non-white country? The media are not letting up on “institutional racism” and “white privilege.” They are laying the groundwork for more such attacks — by resentful young non-whites, crazy or not.