Posted on May 22, 2020

White Privilege: A Dangerous Conspiracy Theory?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 22, 2020

It’s a great way to teach hatred.

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By now, there’s probably no one in America who hasn’t heard that all white people benefit from unearned, undeserved privilege. And that the United States is rigged so that white people get the good things in life handed to them on a silver platter. If you’re white, you get a leg-up every step of the way – which means that every white man on skid row really blew it.

The Democrat primary was an orgy of white privilege. Beto O’Rourke made himself into Mr. White Privilege, apologizing for, in his words, “privileges that others could not depend on.”

Mother Jones applauded Senator Kristen Gillibrand of New York for knowing how to use her white privilege. The senator bragged that she can explain white privilege to “those white women in the suburbs who voted for Trump.” She said: “When their son is walking down a street with a bag of M&M’s in his pocket wearing a hoodie, his whiteness is what protects him from being shot.”

Politico noted that “To win black support, Bloomberg acknowledges white privilege. Here’s another headline: Clinton, Sanders Discuss White Privilege.” They admitted that they had it. And Chelsea Clinton talked about privilege in Trump’s America. “I’m protected by the color of my skin,” she said. “I’m protected by my privilege.

Comedian Chelsea Handler is traveling America, apologizing for her white privilege – in a Netflix documentary. She is trying to learn how to be a better white person.

And actor Matt Mcgorry challenges white people to “investigate the depth of your privilege.”

And so the country has started a massive campaign to eradicate white privilege. Newsweek reports that “white racism is becoming a popular university class at campuses across the nation.” Note the photo of typical white people. As the very first sentence explains: “Colleges are tackling whiteness, from lectures on white privilege to white supremacy.” They are “tackling whiteness,” because whiteness is a big problem.

George Washington University has rolled out virtual diversity training. Every student has got to take it.

A sociology Professor wrote in USA Today: “All college students should take a mandatory course on black history and white privilege.” Emily Walton teaches a course like that at Dartmouth. She says her white students learn the most because “they understand that being a good person does not make them innocent.” Got that? f you’re white, being good isn’t good enough. You’re still bad – because you’re white.

At Boston University school of theology, you check your white privilege at the door. At San Diego State, students got extra credit if they took a quiz to determine their level of white privilege.

This stuff starts young. At Edina High School in Minnesota there’s a required English Course aimed at destroying “white privilege.” The Edina School District even teaches white custodians and bus drivers about their unearned privilege. Here’s part of the lesson plan: Whiteness is composed of White Privilege + White Supremacy. Imagine being a janitor and having that shoved down your throat.

Richard Carranza is the superintendent of New York City public schools. He made all the top officials sit though struggle sessions in which they learned all of the components of the white supremacy culture that poisons the system.

The US Department of the interior has a lot of mandatory training. As you can see, most sessions happen once or are annual. Not EEO/Diversity training. That’s “on a continuous basis.” It never lets up.

This march, JPMorgan/Chase “Started mandatory diversity training for managers after discrimination allegations.” Just allegations, mind you. But it’s not just managers. All 257,000 employees will get training. Maybe the bank will hire the Hackman Consulting Group. As its website explains, “In order to end systems of racial dominance, we have to end whiteness. Period.” How do you do that? “This work is about literally becoming a different kind of person from the cells out.” Heather Hackman runs the company. She has become a different person from the cells out.

Look at this cheerful photograph: “Community Tackles white privilege, racism.” This is in Adrian, Michigan. It must be a terrible swamp of white privilege.

But how is white privilege supposed to work? If there were only white people living in America, there couldn’t be any white privilege. It’d be impossible. You can’t have white privilege without non-whites. But that means we’re supposed to believe that because blacks and Hispanics and everyone else are here, we suddenly became privileged. Thank goodness they’re here, right? Because now, thanks to white privilege, we can rich, win beauty contests, get the corner office, stay out of jail, get straight As. The country is a lot poorer because of high rates of black and Hispanic poverty, criminality, illegitimacy, disease – but their being here is supposed to mean privilege for us? Who can believe this rubbish?

And if the whole system is viciously rigged to benefit white people, it isn’t working. Look at all these Non-white Americans who earn more money than whites. Indians, Taiwanese, Filipinos, Iranians, Lebanese, Indonesians? What happened to white privilege?

Indian American: $105,000

Taiwanese American: $90,221

Filipino American: $84,620

Pakistani American: $80,389

Singaporean American: $79,852

Iranian American: $78,005

Japanese American: $77,504

Malaysian American: $72,827

Lebanese American: $75,337

Chinese American: $74,764

Sri Lankan American: $73,856

Indonesian American: $71,616

White American: $68,145

Lefty professors can howl all they want but there is absolutely no way that the typical white American propping up white supremacy. He wouldn’t even know how to begin. And the very idea of bullying white janitors and bus drivers about white supremacy and white privilege is not just absurd. It’s depraved.

The left loves to tell you that if you disagree about something, you believe in a “conspiracy theory.” Well “white privilege” is one of the biggest, wildest conspiracy theories of all. You can’t prove it, you can’t test it scientifically, and you know what they say if you tell them it’s baloney? That you are suffering from “white fragility,” that you are unable to see just how good you’ve got it.

And think about this: It’s not just white people who hear all this talk about white privilege. Black people do, too. And what are they supposed to think when they hear we’ve been holding ‘em down since the day they were born?

A few days ago there was a video of a black guy at a Detroit nursing home mercilessly pounding a 75-year-old white man lying helpless in his bed. He used the guy as a punching bag. Beat him bloody. Police arrested a 20-year-old suspect, who apparently took the video himself and bragged about it.

What was this guy thinking? He probably said to himself: “This cracker is a racist. He’s had white privilege all his life. Why shouldn’t I take a little revenge?” And why wouldn’t he think that from all he hears about white people?

Remember the knock-out game? Young blacks tried to knock people out with a single sucker punch. Here, they nearly kill a white victim. [ 1:22 – 1:26 “This unsuspecting teacher . . . into the curb.] They may not be able to name the last three presidents, but I bet every one of them knows all about white privilege. The knock-out game was also called Polar Bear Hunting – I have no idea why.

This is the country we live in, folks. You keep talking about how bad white people are and some people are going to believe you. And they’re going to do something about it. White privilege did nothing for that guy in the nursing home. It didn’t save the teacher who got knocked out. And it won’t do you one bit of good if someone decides you’ve had enough white privilege, and it’s time you paid for it.