Posted on May 1, 2020

American Couple Quarantining in Mexico Gunned Down While Driving

Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post, April 24, 2020

A Syracuse-area man who had been quarantining in Mexico during the coronavirus pandemic was fatally shot along with his girlfriend when gunmen opened fire on their Jeep, according to reports.

Pat Landers, 32, of upstate Baldwinsville, and his gal pal, Karla Baca, a physical education teacher, were driving along a street in Juarez on Monday in the vehicle with New York plates when at least 20 bullets were fired at them, the Daily Mail reported, citing KTSM.

Police in the border city just south of El Paso, Texas, are investigating the shocking attack, which left Landers’ son, Cameron, fatherless.

Despite a stay-at-home order since March 23, more than 100 killings have been reported in Juarez this month, according to the Daily Mail. Police have attributed most of the violence to drug cartels.