Posted on April 9, 2020

Vote Fraud: Trump on the Attack

Monic Showalter, American Thinker, April 9, 2020

President Trump brought up vote fraud again at his press briefing yesterday, and the media responded with headlines like this:

Trump, who has lied about voting for years, disparages voting by mail for self-serving reasons —WaPo

Trump Is Pushing a False Argument on Vote-by-Mail Fraud. Here Are the Facts. —NYT

Trump: GOP should fight mail-in voting because it ‘doesn’t work out well for Republicans’ —Politico/Yahoo!

What they missed was the actual news in what he stated, the really interesting stuff about coming revelations about vote fraud as it’s happening.  The stuff people might actually want to read about.

Here’s a tweet with the good stuff.

The press was so focused on arguing with President Trump on behalf of its Democratic sponsors that it probably purposely missed the real story. Trump says something interesting is coming down the pike about voter fraud, and there will be revelations.

What does he know? Trump has something, some damning information about voter fraud on the Democrats, who mysteriously won all of their elections in any place with all the new and much-touted “innovations” that have been banned for years — mail-in balloting, late-arriving ballots, extended voting, ballot-harvesting — all of which were extended until they got the result they wanted.

The signs of it have been around for years, and the leftist press is focused solely on denying it, but now Trump is suggesting that a shoe is going to drop. Suspense for the rest of us is what that might be.

Might it be what this Tweeter suspects?

That Michael Bloomberg, who pretty well bought himself the Democratic Party with his money, who claims he flipped more than 20 seats for Democrats with his money?  That’s an intriguing possibility.  Bloomberg’s strange campaign, splashing out half a billion dollars to win a lonely electoral delegate from American Samoa, and then pulling up stakes and kicking to the curb his own campaign operatives, who had been lured away from other campaigns by Bloomberg’s promise of fantastic salaries and medical care through November.  That was a strange campaign, a normal pol would do all he could to maintain the will of his operatives.

And sure enough, Bloomberg’s Bloomberg News has been probably the most vociferous media outlet out there claiming that Trump’s concerns about voter fraud are nonsense.  Here’s a headline from last February:

Trump Is Already Making Stuff Up About Voter Fraud — Bloomberg

This, in hindsight, sounds like maybe a bid to deflect attention from the issue and pre-poison the argument.

That’s hardly the only possibility, either.

Maybe there are revelations from the North Carolina Republican operative who got busted for ballot-harvesting, hoping to avoid prison or a long sentence and fine.  Or maybe there are undercover tapes of what goes on in California’s secretary of state’s office, which has unleashed the gates to ballot-harvesting, DMV automatic voter registration, mail-in voting (I got mine without even asking for it), and extended vote tallies stretching weeks beyond the election night.  This is hardly all that’s on the Democrat goody wish list, which includes illegals voting and internet voting.  Maybe it’s something as simple as the upcoming election count in the wake of Judicial Watch’s cleanup of the voter rolls in Los Angeles, forcing the secretary of state, Alex Padilla, to take names off voter rolls for people who haven’t voted in several election cycles, likely because they moved, don’t want to vote, or were foreigners who registered illegally.  Whatever the detail there, ballots shouldn’t be mailed to such places in the age of ballot-harvesting.

Whatever it is, we want to know.  We are inundated into a media kultursmog of misinformation from the press right now, and it’s about time something newsy came out, something that shows the inevitable fruit of ballot-harvesting and mail-in voting.  We all know that something fishy is going on.

Trump’s resurgent attack on voter fraud is welcome stuff, given Democrats’ likely attempts to extend these California practices to a nationwide format in a coming stimulus bill.  What does Trump know, based on that broad hint?  And when is he going to tell us?  It’s bound to be a doozy.