Posted on April 13, 2020

Reparations Will Cure the Racial Wealth Gap

Antonia Williams-Gary, South Florida Times, April 12, 2020

I have a remedy to help flatten that curve.

Reading this may make you some of you uncomfortable, but the more I learn about the complicity of Africans in the Atlantic slave trade, the more I want reparations paid by those nations, too!

According to my DNA results, that would be 23 % from Mali, 13% from Nigeria, 9% from Cameroon, Congo and the area of southern Bantu peoples, 7% from Senegal, 2% from Benin, and 1% from Ghana. If you do the math, my remaining DNA is split- between England and Germany- but I’ll take that balance from the USA setaside. And there ought to be a setaside- a reparations fund.

I’ve begun to do some research about that promise from 1865 of “40 acres and a mule”. Based on the 400,000 acres identified for re-distribution, it adds up to $6.4 trillion in today’s valuation!

My share: $148 million, more or less. That would be your share, too! Wishful thinking?

Forget the mule. Give me the cash.


Current discussions about USA reparations seem to be settling along the lines of free higher education at historically black colleges and universities, access to other ‘affirmative’ programs for building wealth, e.g. low interest loans, etc.

What about African reparations?

Lately, many West African nations have apologized to black African Americans for their past involvement in the slave trade.


I am not convinced that the seemingly open embrace and demonstration of solidarity with black African Americans is based on pure egalitarianism, or if it’s just politically correct; designed to improve the image of the former slave-producing regions.


{snip} I propose that reparations include not only an equal share of some portion of the current valuation of 40 acres and a mule (if not $6.4 trillion, then how much?), but that the payment also includes a share from African slave-trading nations. {snip}