Posted on March 6, 2020

Tear Gas Fired From Turkish Side Towards Greek Border Guards

Reuters, March 6, 2020

Tension flared at Greece’s mainland border with Turkey early on Friday as volleys of tear gas were fired from the Turkish side of the fence towards Greek border guards.

There has been a standoff in the border area of Kastanies since Feb. 28, when Ankara said it would no longer hold back thousands of migrants stuck in that country under a deal brokered with the EU in 2016.


“(The) attacks are coordinated by drones. Apart from intimidation, these attacks are taking place from the Turkish police to help migrants cross the fence border line,” a Greek government official said.

Turkey has said any tear gas fired is in response to tear gas fired from the Greek side. {snip}

Both sides used tear gas at the Kastanies border post on Wednesday. Ankara has accused Greek forces of shooting dead four migrants, a charge rejected by Athens. {snip}