Posted on November 5, 2019

Who Is Hurt When Colleges Cater to Illegal Alien Students? Not the Elite

David North, Center for Immigration Studies, November 4, 2019

Who is hurt when America’s colleges and universities not only admit illegal aliens as students, but give them special benefits like tuition at in-state rates?

It is not the elite. It is not those whose parents are paying full tuition, or those who have no trouble being admitted.

This picture is roughly identical to the impact of large numbers of illegal aliens in the labor market — a factor that doesn’t harm the lawyers and the doctors and the investors.


There are two different kinds of negative impact: financial, both direct and indirect and, in admissions, the direct impact of accepting one set of students at the expense of those who were not admitted. {snip} When all those factors and forces were put together, this is what I found:

The table above, like most such graphics, is over-simplified and fails to account for the differing wealth of different institutions. The Ivy League schools are rich enough that they can afford to be generous with a limited number of illegal aliens students without impacting their overall scholarship programs. But on the question of admissions, the arrival of substantial numbers of illegal aliens students would shoulder aside an equal number of marginal citizen applicants.