Posted on November 28, 2019

Anti-White Hate on Twitter: Ruining Thanksgiving

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 27, 2019

Some people have a new name for Thanksgiving, and CNN is promoting it.

Does that mean we get to keep Europe?

Here’s another new name for Thanksgiving:

Lauren Duca wants you to be rude to any white women who voted for the “atrocity of the Trump presidency.”

Saira Rao never fails.

Others include:

Of course, that wicked white person is right: Blacks and Hispanics use welfare programs at much higher rates than whites.

Podcaster and former professor Ed Burmila:


Let us end with a viral death threat that Twitter ignored (while censoring us.)

Note the number of likes. Later, the charming Wendel Schwab tweeted who the Nazis are: “They’re in the White House making policy and getting their sick, twisted ideology made into law.” Since they also presumably deserve to be shot, maybe the Department of Homeland Security can look into it (after it has finished urging social media companies to censor us.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!