Posted on July 8, 2019

Lobbyist Says U.S. Critics Are ‘Racist’ for Opposing Stealth Transfer of Millennials’ Jobs to Indian Migrants

Neil Munro, Breitbart, July 3, 2019

“We have lots and lots of doctors in Kentucky, both in Louisville and in Lexington, and in other cities around Kentucky, who can all express how important this bill is to them, and how they literally can’t afford to be doctors anymore,” said Leon Fresco, a former congressional staffer who is quarterbacking the contract workers’ campaign for green cards.

Fresco spoke via phone on June 30 to some of the contract workers in the group, named Immigration Voice. Fresco disparaged critics of the bill which offers U.S. green cards to roughly 1 million Indian graduates over the next decade, providing they take U.S. jobs sought by U.S. graduates:


On June 27, Fresco’s plans were hit when Sen. Paul put a hold on the surprise Senate “Unanimous Consent” request made by Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee, the chief advocate for the outsourcing plan.

Paul’s sudden opposition blocked Lee’s bill – titled S.386 — which is getting almost zero attention from the college-grad journalists in established media outlets.

Fresco’s strategy is to pass Lee’s legislation by stealthy “Unanimous Consent” through the Senate. The quiet process ensures that only Lee needs to support the bill publicly. Once through the Senate without a recorded vote, advocates are confident that House judiciary chairwoman Rep. Zoe Lofgren will rush an identical bill — H.R. 1044 — through the House, likely without a recorded vote, so delivering the final green-card giveaway to President Donald Trump’s desk.

Lofgren can push her copy of the bill through the House because support from many GOP legislators and allows her to trigger a fast-track House approval process.


Fresco’s bill is titled “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants,” and it would abolish the “country caps” which diversify the annual award of 140,000 green cards to the various foreign nationals of American companies.

The prime beneficiaries of the “country cap” bill are the many Indian contract-workers who arrived on temporary H-1B visas, and who then avoided going home by getting their employers to nominate them for green cards. At least 200,000 Indians have already obtained green cards via the employer process during the last decade.

But the huge number of Indian who volunteered to take Americans’ jobs via the H-1B visas are jammed by the “country cap” on green cards for Indians. Perhaps 300,000 resident Indian contract-workers and 300,000 family members are waiting in several backlogged lines for roughly 23,000 green cards issued to Indians each year.

If Lee’s bill become law, the Indian share of the employer green-cards could quickly quadruple to at least 100,000 cards a year, or 1 million per decade.

That offer of at least 75,000 extra green cards per year would create a huge incentive for more young Indian graduates to take U.S. jobs at very low wages.

The extra Indians would be able to get jobs via the uncapped H-1B visas and the uncapped Optional Practical Training program. The resulting flood of workers would allow many more Indian graduates to take many prestigious college-graduate jobs sought by younger American graduates, to force down the Americans’ salaries, and to create yet more economic problems for the disadvantaged Millennial generation.

This huge international movement of college-graduate labor is being encouraged by U.S. investors as well as by the Indian government’s economic development strategy.


Fresco is an immigration lawyer who worked as Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer’s chief immigration lawyer in the disastrous “Gang of Eight” amnesty-and-cheap-labor bill. {snip}


But Fresco’s greatest advantage is the large population of Indian contract workers who have the incentive, time, and connections to lobby for the huge prize of green cards and U.S. citizenship.

Many of the activists in the Immigration Voice group have been in the United States for a decade, can speak English, have U.S.-born children, and are eager to lobby U.S. politicians.


Fresco predicted Indian doctors in Kentucky would push Sen. Paul to reverse his opposition:


Fresco also encouraged Indian contract-workers to press their home-state senators to support Sen. Lee’s bill:


A new study of genetic data shows that the ancestors of Indian men came from different parts of the world than those of Indian women and produced modern upper caste Indian populations that are genetically more similar to Europeans and lower caste populations that are more similar to Asians. These findings support historical data suggesting that West Eurasians migrating into India during the last 10,000 years more often left descendants in the higher rather than lower castes.

Caste distinctions are almost completely invisible to Americans, but Indian Hindu H-1B workers have told Breitbart News that distinctions can be obvious in casual contact and in business developments.


Many American professionals who have been sidelined by the H-1B program say this Indian caste system enforces deep-rooted discrimination against other Indians and against Americans, regardless of the Americans’ ethnic origin or color, or the nation’s anti-discrimination rules. {snip}


Many Americans say their incomes have been slashed by companies’ use of the green-card system to attract and pay much cheaper labor from India. During the last year, these professionals have organized into several groups, include the American Workers Coalition,, ProUSworkers, No on H.R. 1044, and The Multinational Coalition Against H.R. 1044/S. 386.


Other sites document the conflicts created by diverse H-1B business practices in the United States. The non-political site provides much information about H-1B outsourcing and green card rewards in multiple industries. The federal USCIS agency provides some data, including some data about the uncapped OPT program.