Posted on July 15, 2019

73-Year-Old Woman Was Brutally Mugged on Manhattan Street When She Refused to Have Sex with Attacker

James Tweedie, Daily Mail, July 15, 2019

New York police have arrested a man suspected of brutally beating a 73-year-old homeless woman in the street after demanding sex from her.

Clarence Bradley, 23, was arrested on Sunday in connection with the shocking July 7 attack in Manhattan.

Clarence Bradley

Bradley is allegedly the man caught on CCTV footage wearing a red tracksuit and a black neck pillow, who walked up to the woman outside the Department of Motor Vehicles office at 11 Greenwich Street at about 12.30 am on Sunday and demanded sex from her.

When the she refused, he beat her so savagely that he broke her eye socket and knocked out several of her teeth.

The man then snatched the injured woman’s purse, containing just $20, and fled.

The woman, who police believe is homeless, was taken to hospital and treated for her injuries, including multiple cuts and bruising.

Locals told NBC New York they were surprised at such a vicious attack in their neighbourhhood.

‘I feel like it’s pretty jacked up,’ said one young woman. ‘You don’t go around just attacking people.’

‘This homeless woman is injured, badly, brutalized over 20 bucks ‘cos you wanted a quick buck to probably go do whatever,’ she added.

‘I don’t believe a human being could do that to an old lady for $20,’ said another.