Posted on June 24, 2019

‘Police Haters’ Taunt Officers at Scene of Line-of-Duty Shooting That Killed Female Rookie

Virginia Kruta, Daily Caller, June 21, 2019

Several bystanders taunted Sacramento police officers Wednesday as they worked near the scene of a line-of-duty shooting that took the life of a female rookie.


Video from the scene surfaced Thursday and showed several bystanders heckling police officers as they marked off a perimeter and attempted to carry on with their duties.

“Get your s**t in order, get it together,” one unidentified woman yelled. Another added, “Mark your line, we won’t cross it,” as officers unrolled police tape. One woman called the officers “punks,” “bastards,” and “cowards.”

Other comments included: “The only people we need to be safe from is you,” and, “Whatever officer gettin’ shot need to be. Y’all all need to be. Y’all all need to be.”

Tara O’Sullivan, 26, was shot when she responded to a domestic violence call that turned into an eight-hour standoff. Her suspected killer had a long criminal history including several instances of domestic violence.

[Editor’s Note: An abbreviated video of the incident is available here. The complete 25-minute video is available here.]