Posted on May 20, 2019

Middle Tennessee Conference Attendees Discuss, Defend White Advocacy

AJ Abell, WZTV, May 19, 2019

Sunday was the last day of the annual American Renaissance Conference, where members gather to discuss white advocacy.

The conference-goers have been called Nazis and white supremacists, but they say they’re being misrepresented.

For the past 8 years, American Renaissance conference-goers have gathered at the Montgomery Bell State Park to discuss white advocacy.

They say the biggest obstacle they face is that it’s considered illegitimate to prefer a society of people like themselves.

“If a Jewish person says, ‘I want to marry another Jew and have Jewish children,’ if black people say, ‘no, I want my children to be black,’ that’s okay. If white people say that, it’s ‘oh my God, that’s just white supremacy that’s unspeakable,” said American Renaissance Publication Founder and Editor Jared Taylor.

He says white people are being discriminated, so much so that Fox 17 wasn’t allowed to take videos of anyone there because, he said, they could lose their jobs.

“They could be socially shunned. We really do live in a kind of a soft tyranny.”


He says they’re not Nazis or white supremacists and they don’t want to cause any harm, they just want to stop making being white a crime and be left alone to discuss their interests.


About 300 people from around the country showed up to the 3-day conference, which they said was a huge success.