Posted on March 7, 2019

Ferry Siege: Brit Holidaymakers Caught Up in Calais Chaos as 100 Migrants Storm Port and Board Ship

Molly Rose Pike, The Sun, March 3, 2019

British holidaymakers were caught in travel chaos after 100 migrants stormed a ship in Calais in a bid to get to the UK last night.

46 migrants who climbed abroad a ferry that arrived from Dover were arrested by French police.

They entered the hub at around 8:30pm and used ladders to get on the ship.

Two of those who stormed the port fell into the water and had to be rescued by fire crews.

A number of ferries set to arrive from Britain were ‘held’ in open water, while some were cancelled.

A source told the MailOnline that hundreds of immigrants stormed the port at around 8:30pm with ferries being ordered ‘not to dock’ while the situation was dealt with.


The source said last night: “It’s taken just over an hour for them to be dealt with, but this is something we can expect to see more of in the coming weeks.”

Four more migrants were caught on the MS Côtes des Dunes this morning, according to local paper Nord Littoral, which caused further delays.

Brits took to Twitter to complain about the disturbance last night.

Matt Perry tweeted: “Currently sat on a P&O ferry outside Calais as captain say its closed due to over 100 migrants storming the port.”

Another, calling themselves Driver/horsebox wrote on Twitter: “Calais currently closed due to over 100 immigrants storming the port.

“Announcement from the captain of the boat that we were very lucky to get on. Currently bobbing up and down waiting for it to reopen.”

Darrell J Martin wrote on Twitter: “My daughter’s stuck on a ferry outside Calais waiting to get in.

“She says the ports is closed due to immigrants trying to get on ferries leaving Calais.

“She sailed from Dover at 19:00.”

The arrested migrants are being held at Calais police headquarters.

Police continued to search the ship on Sunday morning.

A spokesman for the Home Office confirmed that there was an ‘incident at the Port of Calais’ on Saturday night which caused the port to be ‘temporarily closed’.

They said: “An incident at the Port of Calais caused the port to be temporarily closed.

“Traffic (was) being held at the juxtaposed controls while French police and port authorities resolve the situation.”