Posted on October 22, 2018

Teacher Claims She’s Victim of Reverse Discrimination After Allegedly Standing on Black Students’ Backs for Slavery Lesson

Hope Schreiber, Yahoo! News, October 20, 2018

A Bronx middle school teacher has filed a claim against New York City and says that she is the victim of reverse discrimination after she was suspended following her lesson on slavery. According to her lawyer, the lawsuit could be worth $1 billion.

Patricia Cummings, who taught at MS 118 in the Bronx, allegedly forced black students to lie on the floor and then stood on their backs to illustrate what slaves were subjected to, according to News 12. Students and a staff member reportedly complained after the lesson earlier this year.


Cummings claims she had no malicious intent and denied that she stood on the students’ backs.

According to Mack Rosenberg, a reporter for WCBS radio, Cummings’s attorney, Tom Liotti, said there was an African-American teacher in the classroom during the lesson who saw no issues with the lesson.

“It’s a scandal,” Liotti said. “There is blatant racism and reverse discrimination in the public schools of New York City. This is why white parents do not want to send their children there.”

Liotti went on to comment that white people are now the victims of discrimination, saying, “It’s no longer the blacks and minorities who are being discriminated against. It is discrimination against white teachers who are making great sacrifices to be there.”