Posted on October 29, 2018

Columbia U. Report Finds ‘Lack of Diversity,’ Despite Spending $185 Million on ‘Faculty Diversity’

Celine Ryan, Campus Reform, October 27, 2018

A Columbia University internal report has issued a 151-page “Equity Report” proposing solutions to “close salary gaps” and address “race disparities” in the university workforce.

“The report’s major findings include a lack of diversity in the senior leadership of academic departments and centers; insufficient transparency about how important decisions are made; and unclear policies and decision-making processes,” according to an announcement by the university. {snip}

All subcommittees participating in the report reported a “lack of diversity in senior leadership” in arts and sciences, specifically a “lack of women in senior positions.”

The report comes just weeks after Campus Reform reported that Columbia University spent $185 million in recent years on “faculty diversity.” While Columbia University is a private, Ivy League school, it received a portion of more than $41 billion in taxpayer funds for the eight Ivy League U.S. colleges from 2010-2015, according to Open the Books.


In order to increase “diverse” faculty hires, the report recommends that Columbia establish “incentives” for individual departments to “improve diversity, particularly at the tenure level.”


The report also addresses “possible salary inequities” and asserts that “it is important that salary equity is considered in terms of peers at similar career stages rather than department average.” {snip}