Posted on August 9, 2018

Twitter Plans ‘Hate Speech’ Crackdown After Backlash from Upset Employees

Peter Hasson, Daily Caller, August 9, 2018

Twitter is planning to accelerate changes to the company’s speech policies after a backlash from its own employees who want the company to ban right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.


Twitter vice president Del Harvey also sent a company-wide email Wednesday pledging to accelerate Twitter’s efforts to crack down on “dehumanizing hate speech,” in the wake of internal “conversations” about Jones.

Harvey noted that Twitter also plans to evaluate whether the company needs to better police “off-platform behavior.”

[CEO Jack] Dorsey explained Tuesday why Twitter has yet to follow Facebook, Google and Apple’s lead by banning Jones: “he hasn’t violated our rules.”


Dorsey’s explanation angered some of his employees, who demanded the CEO do more to regulate speech on the platform.