Posted on July 13, 2018

‘There Are Nazis in Our Neighborhood:’ New Billboard in Washington State Draws Attention

Tammy Mutasa, WACH-TV, n.d.

A new billboard in Tacoma, Washington is drawing a lot of attention.

The billboard says, “There are Nazis in our neighborhood.”

Neighbors in the group, “Tacoma Against Nazis” said they’re fighting back against what they feel is white supremacy invading their community.

“Nazi activity and white supremacy is not welcome in Tacoma,” said Hope Teague-Bowling who lives in the neighborhood and is in the group Tacoma Against Nazis. “You’re not welcome here to do business, you’re not welcome to live here and we don’t want you around.”

Neighbors said last week they took down fliers urging people to, “Keep America American” and report undocumented immigrants to ICE.

The group also protested a local business they believe supports white supremacy.


Tacoma police said they’ve heard the concern, but they told KOMO news no crimes have been committed and hate crimes have not been rising in the city.