Posted on April 13, 2018

Children of Illegals Are Getting Getting £300 a Week While They Are Living in Africa

Martin Robinson, Daily Mail, April 12, 2018

The children of illegal immigrants who came to the UK on holiday and later tried to claim asylum are being paid £300-a-week in benefits despite living in Africa, it was revealed today.

The boy, aged seven, and baby girl, one, are now living with their aunt in the unnamed African nation but are still getting handouts from the British taxpayer.

They will receive benefits until they both turn 16, the High Court has ruled, meaning the pair will receive £187,000 by that time.

The children were both born in the UK but taken off their parents after they were deemed unfit to care for them by the courts.

Their mother claimed asylum in 2004 saying she was the victim of sexual abuse and violence only to be exposed as a liar.

Their abusive father was jailed for six months possessing a fake passport and has spent the past eight months in a detention centre awaiting deportation.

Meanwhile the county council in charge of caring for the children has agreed to support them financially until they turn 16 — even though they no longer live in Britain.

The local authority, believed to be in southern England, will pay the eldest child £15,600-a-year until she turns 16 in nine years.

His little sister will be paid £150-a-week until she turns 16 in 2033, according to The Sun.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen told the newspaper: ‘This case lays bare the cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers’.

The children’s mother came to Britain on a holiday visa, which changed to a student visa in 2012 before she made a failed asylum application.

Their father is known to be abusive and is a convicted criminal.

Handing the benefits to their children would ensure they have a comfortable and safe childhood, Mr Justice Moor ruled in the High Court’s family court this year.