Posted on January 17, 2018

Hamburg Attack: Jihadist Confesses to Wanting to Kill German Christians

Free West Media, January 13, 2018

Some five months after the knife attack in a supermarket in Hamburg with one dead and six wounded, the accused Islamist confessed to the bloody deed, the Berliner Zeitung reported.

The attorney of the rejected asylum seeker read out a confession at the opening of the trial in the Hamburg Higher Regional Court. “He emphatically pleads guilty on all charges”, he noted. “The deeds had, in his view, a religious motivation.”

According to the Federal Attorney, the perpetrator acted within a jihadist mindset. He wanted to kill as many German citizens of Christian faith as possible. The representative of the Federal Attorney said, reading out the indictment: “He made this decision as a contribution to worldwide Jihad.”


His attorney said that his client was under high pressure when he committed the deeds. Ahmad Alhaw further declared that he was not going to answer questions about the details of the deeds.

He instead spoke about his life. He started studying dental medicine, but quitted. His mother was a teacher. He came to Germany to work and to make a living.

“I had the impression that I wasn’t welcome”, he said, according to an interpreter who was translating from Arabic.