Posted on March 28, 2017

California School to Face Budget Cuts Because Student Body Is Too White

Brandon Morse, The Blaze, March 27, 2017

According to KABC-TV Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood is facing layoffs and increased class sizes due to budget cuts. The reason for the budget cuts?

Too much of the student body is white.

The Los Angeles Unified School District provides increased funding for schools so long as that school has a white attendance of only 30 percent. According to a letter from the district to the parents, the school’s white population had been above that level for the past couple of years.

The rule itself is due to an imposition from a court ruling dating all the way back to 1970 that was originally designed to prohibit segregation in schools. Now, it effectively punishes schools for having too many white students.

“A school qualifies for PHBAO status if 70 percent or more of its students who live within the school’s attendance boundary are identified as ‘Hispanic, Black, Asian, or non-Anglo,’” said Local District Northeast Superintendent Linda Del Cueto in a letter to parents. “Under a court-ordered integration program that has been in place since 1978, PHBAO schools qualify for smaller class sizes and additional positions. When a school no longer qualifies for PHBAO status, fewer positions are funded.”