Posted on May 13, 2016

Steve Hofmeyr Comes Out in Support of Judge Jansen

Ahmed Areff, News 24, May 11, 2016

Controversial Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr and right-winger Dan Roodt have come out on social media in support of beleaguered High Court Judge Mabel Jansen.

This followed an uproar after Jansen was accused of making racist comments about black people and rape on Facebook.

Hofmeyr tweeted on Tuesday: “#MabelJansen #denial All nations rape & murder, but in the rape capitol [sic] of the world disproportionate contributions should be checked.”

He also tweeted the question “How wrong was Mabel Jansen” with a link to a blog with the title: ” Judge Mabel Jansen is 100% correct”.

Joining him was Roodt, who tweeted “If you are wondering what black male sadism Judge #MabelJansen was referring to, read this”, with a link to a story on his Praag website titled “Two blacks drowned white child in boiling water”.

Roodt also tweeted: “The mainstream media in South Africa actually support mass rape, is the only conclusion one may draw from current witch-hunt #mabeljansen,” and “In this Stalinist-style witch-hunt againgst Judge #MabelJansen just remember S. Africa is the undisputed rape capital of the world.”

He also tweeted a link to a poll on the Praag website asking if Jansen was right.

The poll showed that 94% believed she was, while 6% said the comments were racist.

Journalist Gillian Schutte posted excerpts of written exchanges with Jansen on Saturday and Sunday, in which Jansen said: “In their culture a woman is there to pleasure them. Period. It is seen as an absolute right and a woman’s consent is not required.”

She also said: “I still have to meet a black girl who was not raped at about 12. I am dead serious.”

As excerpts of the conversation were shared on social media, comments flooded back reflecting shock that a judge could hold such opinions.

Speaking to News24 at the weekend, Jansen said that the comments referred specifically to the cases she had handled.

The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) confirmed on Tuesday that Jansen had requested that Justice Minister Michael Masutha place her on special leave.

Complaints were laid against her by Advocate Vuyani Ngalwana SC in his personal capacity, as well in his capacity as Johannesburg branch chair of the Advocates for Transformation.

The Judicial Conduct Committee will now consider the complaints, and whether they are of a serious enough nature to warrant a judicial conduct tribunal.

The special leave request was so that she would not be on duty as a judge while the process was ongoing.

A petition on, which called on the JSC and the department of justice to remove Jansen had reached over 5 700 electronic signatures by Wednesday morning.

[Editor’s note: Dan Roodt will be speaking at the American Renaissance conference next weekend.]