Posted on March 9, 2016

US Soldiers Indoctrinated on Evils of ‘White Privilege’

Jack Hadfield, Breitbart, March 9, 2016

A Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch revealed that in April 2015, soldiers of the 67th Signal Battalion based in Fort Gordon, Georgia, were forced to attend a “white privilege” briefing, designed to coach them on how they have systemic privilege for being straight, white men.

In the PowerPoint presentation, the troops were instructed that “race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans,” primarily because of the invisible “powerful forces” that conspire to keep hard working black Americans down and stop them from being valued by the rest of society. According to the presentation, it is in fact white privilege alone that creates a “yawning divide” in income and general prosperity.

The presentation was structured around a hypothetical African woman who comes to America and discovers that the US is full of “white racism,” along with the fact that people are “organised according to race.” The presentation goes on to discuss how those who are apparently privileged by this racial system have to “make the problem of privilege their problem and do something about it.” {snip}