Posted on March 23, 2016

Tomorrow’s Civilizational Cringe Today

Mark Steyn, Steyn Online, March 22, 2016

The bloodbath in Brussels? {snip}


{snip} This time round the government official with direct responsibility for dealing with today’s slaughter, a slice of ham with the absurdly Tintinesque name of Jan Jambon, issued the usual halfwit apologia the day before the atrocity. As M Jambon, the Belgian Interior Minister, told CNN on Monday:

Jambon says the majority of young Muslims are well integrated into Belgian society, but admits his government has more to do to make some feel “at home” in their own country, given that a sense of alienation can leave them open to the threat of radicalization.

“We’re talking about third- and fourth-generation [immigrants]; these youngsters are born in Belgium, even their fathers and mothers are born in Belgium, and still they are open for these kind of messages. This is not normal–in the U.S., the second generation was the President; here, the fourth generation is an IS fighter–so that is really something we have to work on.”

As I said, he gave that interview on Monday–the day before the attacks. So “British Muslims Fear Repercussions Over Tomorrow’s Train Bombing” is now joined by “Belgian Cabinet Minister Says Tomorrow’s Train Bombing Is All Our Fault”.

So “we” have to work on it. That means you, the Flemish frequent flyer poking your head up from the rubble at the airport concourse. And you, the Walloon strap-hanger blinking into the dust and chaos and wondering where the lower part of your left leg went. You are going to “have to work on” it, harder and harder and harder.


As I’ve said so often now, I’m Islamed out. I happen to be semi-Belgian, although my family is from Sint-Niklaas rather than Brussels, an ancient city in a minor kingdom hideously transformed into the “capital city” of “Europe” and brutalized by the Eurocrats’ reach-for-the-sky monuments to their own visionary genius. On my last visit, the totalitarian skyscrapers towering over the mere mortals in the vast empty plazas below were decorated with giant billboards dangling down 30 stories of rain-streaked concrete bearing the inspiring slogan “Strengthening Europe Through Governance.”

No, sir. Killing Europe Through Demographic Transformation. As I wrote after Paris:

So I say again: What’s the happy ending here? Because if M Hollande isn’t prepared to end mass Muslim immigration to France and Europe, then his “pitiless war” isn’t serious.

That’s the only thing that will make a difference–recognizing that, as “vibrant” and “diverse” and “multicultural” as we are, we cannot assimilate Islam on the scale Frau Merkel and others are demanding. This isn’t Belfast. It can’t be held down to “an acceptable level of violence”. In the long-term, there’s no assimilation, only civilizational suicide.


M Jambon can demand all he wants that aging Flemings and Walloons re-double their efforts to make these alienated third-generation Belgians feel “at home”. But on that remorseless arithmetic it will be their home, and you’ll be the ones having to “work harder” at “integrating” with them.

As for M le Ministre’s regret–that in America a second-generation immigrant can be president while in Belgium he’s a jihadist–oh, don’t worry: a second-generation Euro-Muslim will be prime minister of Belgium soon enough. As I wrote (okay, one more) in 2007, a decade ago Muslims were already ten out of seventeen members of the ruling party on Brussels city council–or 59 per cent. What will it take to make them feel “at home”? Eighty-nine per cent? Well, then, we have to work on it!