Posted on December 9, 2015

White Nationalist and Anti-Muslim Fringe Embrace Trump Proposal

Andrew Kaczynski and Christopher Massie, BuzzFeed, December 8, 2015

A coalition of America’s top white nationalists again praised an initiative from Republican front-runner Donald Trump, this time praising his plan to restrict Muslim immigration to the United States.

In what is becoming a fairly routine ritual in a campaign that has seen no shortage of racially charged rhetoric from the Republican front-runner, American’s prominent white nationalists again found comfort in a proposal from The Donald.

“I would not let in any Muslim immigrants at all, from Syria or from anywhere else,” said Jared Taylor, who runs the site American Renaissance (which says that “one of the most destructive myths of modern times is that people of all races have the same average intelligence”), in an email to BuzzFeed News in mid-November. “They only cause trouble. Even if they don’t throw bombs, they want special food, won’t work with pork, want special swimming pool hours for women only, etc. Who needs them?”

Taylor, unprompted, emailed BuzzFeed News on Monday after Trump’s comments, forwarding the previous comments with addendum “you saw it here first.”


Brad Griffin, who runs the white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent under the pseudonym “Hunter Wallace,” similarly praised Trump.

“In addition to the Trump database, this should help Trump peel off a lot of the Carson/Cruz vote while sending the Left into a new fit of PC rage that will generate free publicity through Iowa,” wrote Griffin.

“That’s great,” Griffin said of Trump’s policy. “We need to stop the damage the U.S. government is already doing to places like Minneapolis–St. Paul and Middle Tennessee with the refugee resettlement program. It was revealed today that ISIS is targeting the refugee program to funnel terrorists into the U.S.”

On the white nationalist site, Trump’s comments drew rave reviews across the board. In one post from editor James Kirkpatrick seeking donations to the site, Trump’s call was cited as proof The Donald was embracing the white nationalist cause.

“Even as this is written, Donald Trump has come out for a moratorium on Muslim immigration, just days after our Editor-in-Chief Peter Brimelow advocated precisely the same thing,” wrote Kirkpatrick. “They may not admit it, but more people than ever are reading And finally, people are beginning to act.”

In another post, writer Allan Wall called the idea “fantastic.”

“I am a conservative Evangelical Christian and I think Trump’s idea is fantastic. They don’t have Muslim terrorism in Japan, do they,” he wrote.