Posted on November 17, 2015

Second Fugitive Identified in Paris Massacre, Officials Reveal

Fox News, November 17, 2015

A second suspect directly involved in the Paris massacre is on the loose four days after the attacks, French officials revealed Tuesday, as German police said a third suspect in custody apparently posed as a refugee.

French officials did not identify the second fugitive. Speaking to The Associated Press, they said an analysis of the series of attacks on Nov. 13 indicated that another person directly involved was unaccounted for.

Meantime, police said they arrested an Algerian man linked to the attacks, at a refugee center in western Germany, Reuters reports.

Police say he apparently told Syrian refugees at the center that fear and terror would be spread in the French capital. Police are looking into whether he’s an accomplice or a confidante of the Paris attackers, Reuters adds. At least two other suspects reportedly entered Europe through Greece posing as refugees.

Germany’s top security official said a Syrian passport found with one of the Paris attackers may have been a false flag intended to make Europeans fearful of refugees, but said he could not confirm it conclusively. Interior minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters in Berlin that it was “unusual that such a person was faithfully registered in Greece, Serbia and Croatia, even though we’re usually pressing for registration to take place and lament that it isn’t always done properly.”

He said the multiple registrations by a person using the passport were “evidence that this was a trail that was intentionally laid, but it can’t be ruled out at the moment that this was an IS terrorist who came to France . . . via Germany as a refugee.”


A Paris police statement on Tuesday said that there have also been 104 police raids, and six firearms have been seized since a state of emergency was declared on Saturday. Police say that these arrests and raids are targeting “people, arms and objects likely to be linked to activities of a terrorist nature.”